Cari Lekebusch - Hybrid Productions 1995 - Sound Architecture Mix

Cari Lekebusch / H-PRODUCTIONS 1995 - Sound Architecture Mix


In Sthlm We Dwell (B2 mix)
Drum and Noise Style (B2 mix)
Live and Direct D (D side)
Low Profile B (B side)
In Sthlm We Dwell (B1 mix)
Drum and Noise Style (A1 mix)
Jazz Maze
Drum and Noise Style (B1 mix)
En Liten Javel
Low Profile D (D side)
Forstar Du Nu
Mad Poet
Output 1 (A1 mix)
Live and Direct C (C side)
Low Profile A (A side)
Live and Direct B (B side)
Output 1 (B1 mix)
Low Profile C (C side)
Live and Direct A (A side)
In Sthlm We Dwell (A1 mix)
Output 2 (B1 mix)

All tracks written and produced by Cari Lekebusch.
Also known as the Phun-Key RhyThm Doc-Tor.
Compiled from HYB001-HYB024, previously released 1990-1995.
Mixed and recorded at the HPHQ Stockholm, 2017.

All tracks can be found at Bandcamp:


Cari Lekebusch - DJ Topchart - Autumn 2017

Cari Lekebusch, Nima Khak - Crazy Mazy - H-Productions
Cari Lekebusch, Nima Khak - On A Dazy - H-Productions
Damien Eie, Jamaica Suk - Grey Chamber - Street Life Rhythm
Dansband3000 - New Age - Street Life Rhythm
Splice - Magnetic - Non Series
Splice - Blueshift - Non Series
Patrik Skoog - Frontiers - Parabel
Patrik Skoog - Flowing Ions - Parabel
Axel Karakasis - Mainframe - Remain
Samuli Kemppi - Muddy Intentions - Point of Voltage
Sascha Zastiral - Red - Different Is Different
ARKVS - Close To Defy - Planet Rhythm UK
Sone - Borealis - From 0-1
JC Laurent - There Is No Alternative - Ground Factory
Cardao - Knock - Ground Factory
D_Know - The Groove - Ground Factory
Mikael Jonasson - Fata Morgana (Flug Raw Mix) - GYNOID
Jeroen Search - Black Market - 30drop Records
Francesco Perguidi - Modulami - Mitten Records
Spiros Kaloumeos - Dark Energy - Focus Records
Lunatik - Permissions - Mitten Records
TKode, Nemrac - Surface (Fanon Flowers Remix) - Stratosphera Records
Thomas Hoffknecht - Midnight Train - Sleaze Records UK
Tension - Dos - Conor Glowcast
Oliver Rosemann - Then We Will Fight In The Shade - Stockholm LTD
Wlderz - Souvenir (Pär Grindvik Remix) - Skryptom
Wlderz - SAgorafobia - Skryptom


Cari Lekebusch, Benjamin Mull - Moln Live 1-2 (Moln Records, molnDGTL03)

Moln Records presents molnDGTL03
Cari Lekebusch, Benjamin Mull / Moln Live 1-2

01. Moln Live 1
02. Moln LIve 2

written and produced by Cari Lekebusch and Benjamin Mull
One-take-tracks recorded live at Moln Studio

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