HYBRID-009 - Cari Lekebusch, Benjamin Mull - 180 (H-Productions)

The H-Productions (HYBRID-009) bandcamp exclusive release features a new collaboration between Cari and Benjamin Mull. Following up the previous collab track "Triolic", that was released on the compilation album (HPX76) "Recombination Sequence 1 - Symbiosis".

"180" and "420" have been assembled with a stripped down approach and made rugged and raw for an authentic PA sound system replay. They describe the essence of Cari's and Benjamin's collaboration projects perfectly. Expect to see more from this duo in the future!

Since 1986 H-Productions has been going through many phases of change. One of them being the ending of the HYB catalog numbered vinyl releases, and the beginning of the HP (1997) and HPX (2004) catalogs.

To mark a 2015 reset, Cari is morphing the grid once again and will now continue both the HPX catalog (digital) and the HYB catalog (vinyl) - as well as the oldest HYBRID catalog, that will appear exclusive in our own Bandcamp shop only.

Keep turning and churning - see you out there! * with warm regards from Stockholm

OUT June 12, 2015!

recordlabel (catalog nr):

Cari Lekebusch, Benjamin Mull

01. 180
02. 420

written and produced by Cari Lekebusch, Benjamin Mull - recorded at the HPHQ Stockholm.

release date:
June 12, 2015

* exclusive Bandcamp only release