VA - Glimpses Chapter 1 (LEMU2015G113)

Lekebusch Musik proudly presents "Glimpses - Chapter 1" (verses 01-13), an extraordinary audio/poetry album produced by Swedish Techno sound architect, Cari Lekebusch. Created in collaboration with writers and voice over artists from across the globe, the album features audio poems written by Bob Johnson, G-Tech, Mantis Oh and C-Blast, merged with electronica soundtracks and the voices of NushiOne, Persia Bravin and KorpGud.

Each of the thirteen poems explores the age old questions associated with the human condition, taking you on a journey through an intense range of emotions and fusing these sentiments with sound. Love, loss, beauty, revenge, birth and the unchartered abyss of death are familiar themes throughout.

The main aim of this project is to reach a different audience: one that is perhaps not usually interested in classic poetry formats. By setting these words against a backdrop of hypnotic, eerie and sometimes foreboding tracks, and layering each one with atmospheric sound effects, the listener can immerse themselves in each poem completely.

Presented here as an open access release, the full 13-track album is available to download as you choose. In addition to the music, the album artwork can be downloaded in various screensaver formats for your computer, smart phone or tablet (goto for full info).

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