Cari Lekebusch - News, February 2015

Ahoy all cosmonauts! Welcome back to a new rotation around our sun - to be filled with plenty new tasty grooves. It has been 10 years since the release of my album called "The Architect", on Truesoul Records. Now you can listen to the anniversary upload below or on their page - the whole album (it is more of a listening album, rather than my DJ track's) =D

The year 2015 started nice and easy, as i usually like to spend time in the studio as well as taking out some hollidaysies =) But now the track stock is full and i am eager to get new releases out. It will mainly be on my own label H-Productions, but i deffo intend to release on some other labels as well.

H-Productions will restart the vinyl catalog, with an exclusive limited small press. The catalog on Beatport will also continue soon with it's own exclusive line. AND there will be a third H-Productions catalog line - also all exclusive track's, and they will only be availeble in my Bandcamp shop. More updates on that in the next newsletter.

The tourdates are starting again and after some good rest i cant wait to go out flaunting grooves for you all! My visit in Liege, Belgium and at Fabric in London last weeks where smashing fun - thanx all guests and promotor's :D What epic beauty both these cities have (i do love old architecture). It is like time travelling!

Next stops will be in Utrecht, at the Snowball Festival - will be epic daytime festival and hopefully i get to make a snow-man and chuck a few snowballs =P If not i have to bring some snow from Stockholm i guess oO Also comming up is Leiden in the Netherlands and Fuse club in Brussels, Belgium. Looking forward to return indeed =) After that, march is comming up, and there will be more about that and else in the next newsletter.

Below you can peek the anniversary release of my album "The Architect", and a new chart at Beatport. Plus two new dj mixes i made. One for my buddies at Lehman Club in Stuttgart, Germany and a promo mix i made before my gigg at Fabric in London.

- Fare well and see you out there - EZPZ *CL

* Lehman Podcast:

* FABRIC Promo mix:

*** New DJ-chart by Cari, at Beatport:

* Cari Lekebusch / The Architect (released 2004 on Truesoul Records):