HPX85 - Petter B - Legend In your Own Mind (H-PRODUCTIONS)

Trax alert! Petter B is back on H-Productions, after his last release HPX75 Guns For hire. This time bringing a great combo of 3 tracks containing both powerful rhythm patterns and melodic build ups. After many active years of touring and with countless releases on many different top labels like Drumcode, Sway, Hz trax, and his own label Bond, Petter only needs to be introduced to newcomers of Techno.

The style that Petter B brings with these 3 tracks fits perfectly into the agenda of H-Productions. Focusing on streamlined concepts that are mainly aimed at DJs.

=D enjoy! - Cari Lekebusch at the H-Productions HQ, Stockholm, Sweden.


Petter B / Legend In Your Own Mind

01. Legend In Your Own Mind
02. Imitate
03. Intimidate

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