Cari Lekebusch - Newsletter May 2014

Greetings eminent lifeforms!

After a neat spring taste during April at MTW, Offenbach (Germany) - Techno Flash, Burgos (Spain) - Halle2, Heidelberg (Germany) - Draaimolen, Tilburg (Netherlands) - Artheater, Cologne (Germany) - i am now prepping up for summertime and festivals. First one up for May (if you dont count Techno Flash in Spain) is Soenda Festival (17th may) and im also playing at their official afterparty. Last time was extraordinary, so i expect nothing less =)

And here is a special venture - On the 9th of May (23.00 Berlin/Stockholm, 2PM California) i will be streaming live from the studio. Also live Monomat club inside Secondlife. Read all the details here:

EDIT: The recording can be audienced below in 4 parts on my soundcloud as of now (14th may, 2014):

Below there are 2 new charts for this month and a sweet aftervideo from Draaimolen, where me and Joel Mull do some teamworks ;) Oh and btw. soon there will be a release from me on Hans Bouffmyhre's SLEAZE, and a remix for Kramnik and one for Hideo Kobayashi and one for Jason Fernandes, and much more ofcourse ..... hot summer either way! ... to be continued.

- EZPZ, Cari L.

Cari's charts for May 2014 - in 2 parts

Part 1:
Part 2:

Cari's latest releases

HPX83 - Cari Lekebusch - Peafowling (H-Productions)

GSR12 - Cari Lekebusch - Bell Shape (GSR)

Just out! Latest release on Cari's label H-Productions:

HPX84 - Hans Bouffmyhre - Blurred Vision (H-Productions)

Live recording in 4 parts from 9th may 2014 online event:

Cari Lekebusch Youtube channel: