Cari Lekebusch - live at Monomat 9th May 2014

H-Productions proudly presents in colaboration with Monomat Secondlife and Persia Bravin

****** Cari Lekebusch live @ MONOMAT - 9th May, 2014 ******

Between 2-5 PM SLT (23.00-02.00 Swedish time) we welcome all eminent lifeforms to an extraordinary aural treatment. On the menue we have a live and direct transmission from Stockholm, Sweden. Come join us at Club Monomat - in Heckroth 1 (145, 142, 2915) or tune into our stream with your media player of choice.

Come in peace and c u soon all tasty music eaters!
- Mantis Oh, Persia Bravin and the Monomat crew


Secondlife map URL

EDIT: Thanx for all the listeners tuning in online and especially all the visitors in Secondlife at Monomat =D this is how it makes it fun! Server at the border of crashing, and chat lag =P *GIF image from Barbarella Emerald