HPX78 - Alexi Delano - The Art Of Collab - part one of three (H-PRODUCTIONS)

Alexi Delano's connection with Cari Lekebusch and H-Productions dates back to 1995 when the now seminal Techno label was very much on its formative years. Back then the imprint was know as Hybrid Sound Architects and while the name of the label has changed in the following near two decades, the boundary pushing that is so much a part of the Hybrid / H-Productions ethos has remained very much intact. Nowhere has this creative rebellion been more forthright than in the works of Lekebusch and Delano. Together, the duos range covers pretty much the entire electronic spectrum, from hip hop to deep house to techno, and via the pairs deep friendship they have been responsible for many of the labels highlights from the last 19 years, including their recent The Art Of Hybrid retro/future compilation that brought the labels deep catalogue into perspective around the current works and showed, just like the two old friends from Stockholm, that the passage of time only adds to the rich palette from which artists and labels can draw.

Constructed as a collaboration piece, Alexi Delano's The Art Of Collab is a production project born from the happy accident of mid-week touring downtime and the après-club insomnia of Delano's producer friends as they passed through his home base of New York. Split in three parts, the nine-track collection (this is not an album!) sees Delano share the studio console with a range of artists as broad as the evergreen producers own endless back catalogue. Selecting works from his studio achieve that had simply started life as sonic doodles whist hanging out together, the project is a raw and uncontrived look into the way in which collaboration between producers morphs and twists the output into unexpected and often inspiring results; whether he be working alongside old friends such as Par Grindvik, Tony Rohr, Francisco Allendes, Ambivalent or Tim Xavier; or finding time to build new friendships with fellow road warriors Stimming, Guti, Butane or Hans Bouffmyhre. Indeed the extent of collaboration on this project even extends to the artwork, provided for all three EPs by London fashion designer Lee Roach, who in return has recruited Delano to soundtrack his menswear catwalk show this January. 

Part one of three OUT NOW: