Cari Lekebusch - Schwung ADE 2013 mix

Mirror page of the exclusive podcast by Cari Lekebusch who is playing at the Schwung presents Sleaze Records night during ADE. On top of that we have an interview to get to know Cari Lekebusch a bit better. Enjoy!

1. This will be your first time performing at Schwung. Nervous? ;)
Nervous, no! Excited, yes! I am very pleased that after many years of performing I have leant how to deal with the nerves and now I just enjoy it. The only thing that can make a performance a little stressful is if there are technical problems or issues with the sound as this makes it harder to relax into the task of entertaining the audience but as I hear that Schwung are very professional promoters so I am sure everything will go smoothly!

2. You're playing primetime , you are surrounded by techno names, what can we expect from you?
Well, it is ADE and everyone is here to celebrate the wonderful ever-expanding, ever–evolving scene of ours so I will be going for full on party mode. I have a whole bunch of new productions which I will be trying out too so if people hear some tracks they don’t know then it is likely a new Cari Lekebusch record :)

3. What are the 3 key ingredients that make a party great?
1. Sound – this has to be right for the DJ and the crowd to have the best time
2. Girls – I have never been to a bad party where the girls are having a good time so there must be a connection, right?
3. Programming – it is an obvious thing to say but not every promoter has the right DJs play in the correct order!

4. There are a lot of things going on in the techno scene. What do you think changed last years and what will the future bring us?
Oh wow... You are right, so much has changed in the last 5 or 10 years but I think for me the most exciting new development is what I would describe as the democratization of the music business. These days it is so much more straightforward for anyone to be anything they want if they want it bad enough. There are less glass ceilings now. Less doors locked to people for no good reason. This for me has inspired a new generation of techno producers, DJs and fans by allowing them better access to different ways to try to live their dreams. The producer can get a good studio set up now at home via a computer; the DJ can access a huge amount of music digitally and manipulate that in their performance via new technologies; and fans can travel all over the world to truly mind blowing events to see their favorite artists and discover new talents. For me this onlky means the future will be bright for techno and those who choose to follow that sound.

5. Next week Amsterdam is THE place for electronic music. You travel around the world all the time. Any upcoming techno cities/countries we should keep an eye on?
Everywhere I have been this year I have had good experiences including some great parties happening in places where I had not relaised there was good stuff happening before. Some examples would be an amazing Sunday party for Studio in Strassbourg in May; Lightening In A Bottle festival in California which totally exceeded my expectations just this last week I played for Techno Beat Addiction in the small German city of Marberg which was really great.

6. We've heard a lot of great releases on H-Production throughout the years. From you, but also from other artists. Can you give us a sneak peak of what 2014 has to offer?
We have a really busy schedule coming up with new releases from artists such as Petter B, Gayle San, Alexi Delano, Bryan Chapman, Raphael Dincsoy & Pierre Deutschmann and Chris Colburn as well as more new music from myself. This year we have mixed it up more with releases from new artists like Petter, Bryan and Jason Fernandes which has been fun. I have been constantly impressed with these guys music over the last couple of years so it is a pleasure to have them on board my label.

7. You're nestled deep in the scene and you're probably being showered with new music. Any rising star DJ/producers we should check out?
See above! If people want to hear something new then they will do well to check out guys like Petter B, Bryan Chapman, Raphael Dincsoy & Pierre Deutschmann and Chris Colburn

8. What is your favorite track of the moment, one we will definitely hear thursdays?
The Nima Khak remix of Petter B’s Guns For Hire which came out on H-Productions this week. Such a great track and an amazing remix.