HPX75 - Petter B - Guns For Hire / incl Nima Khak Remix

Already an established producer as one half of 'Hertz' (1605, Underwater), Petter B's solo work has been gaining the attention of the great and good of Techno throughout 2013. This gritty three track EP only adds to Petter’s credentials with his slick productions bringing elegance, energy and harmony to the raw and abrasive style for which he is known; exemplified here by heavy pulsing rhythms and bouncing bass on ‘Guns For Hire’, the raw in-your-face funk of ‘Clap Track’ and abrasive, distorted musicality in ‘Edit Pilaf’. H-Productions colleague, Nima Khak, remixes ‘Guns For Hire’, bringing a slow burning, hypnotic feel, as he skillfully sets industrial ambience and metallic sounds against warm psychedelic squelches.