Ascension: Orange Event *offcial sim opening party

Saturday May 11th, 2013 @ The Sphinx club*** 12-04 PM PDT

Cari Lekebusch continues his series of online DJ sets as part of his new virtual art project entitled Ascension. Streaming in real life from Stockholm, Sweden and at the Sphinx Club in Second Life, you can also choose audio only - stream URL adress and updates will be posted at

This time he is joined by fellow sound architect Gragee Pikanen, so prepare for four hours of pure undiluted techno straight from H-Productions HQ.

For Cari, creating sound, visuals and playing live across the internet for his supporters has been a brilliant learning curve. “It is still early days for the Ascension project,” he explains, “but it’s been such a positive experience so far. I look forward to playing even more sets in this way over the coming months.”

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Huge thanks 2: Linden Lab, Brett Linden, Morgan Linden and the Linden Endowment for the Arts committee.

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