Adam Beyers unique vision of The Afterparty uses phased percussion, tripped out drums and an ethereal like pad and melody to create a stand out remix that blends together two unique ideas momentously. Ben Klock steps up to take on The Afterparty too with the sound ever so synonymous with him. He uses rhythmic stabs and an unusual melody that works so well within the atmospheric landscape he has created. Joseph Capriatis remix of Can you feel it is a funky techno track that uses stabs to really build a solid groove that will be a sure fire hit. The Sandwell District remix of I Feel it Deep uses the original vocal in an ambient journey with pads and percussion to tell a story. Alan Fitzpatrick yet again doesnt disappoint with his remix of Riots in London that uses delayed stabs and a rolling bass line to construct another dark peak time player. Jerome Sydenhams Carbon Dub of Smoke and Mirrors is heavily dynamic and uses a piano chord and the original vocal to create an energetic vibe. Cari Lekebusch remix of Bullet uses a phased underlying melody to really drive the track forward before the bleep melody is introduced later into the track. Jeromes Looking Glass Dub also of Smoke and Mirrors uses a throbbing bass line to power through the early hours of the morning with the use of the delayed vocal and rhythmic hi hats creating a funky techno groove.

The Afterparty - Adam Beyer Remix
The Afterparty - Ben Klock Remix
Can You Feel It - Joseph Capriati Remix
I Feel It Deep (Featuring Tyree Cooper) - Sandwell District Remix
Riots In London - Alan Fitzpatrick Remix
Smoke & Mirrors - Jerome Sydenham's Looking Glass Dub 2013
Bullet - Cari Lekebusch Remix
Smoke & Mirrors - Jerome Sydenham's Carbon Dub 2013

Ben Sims - Bullet (Cari Lekebusch remix)

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