ASCENSION - LEA art SIM by Mantis Oh [LEA16 128,128,33]

Ascension: Mixing Realities with Cari Lekebusch

Stepping out of a hazy crystalline cloud, a huge carbon coloured tower looms before you. Seven storeys high and created with unidentifiable building materials, the tower shimmers in the setting alien sun, casting its shadow far across the sandy terrain. A myriad of sounds suddenly hits your ears: fantastical birds chirrup from the dense foliage, strange insects hover close by; their deep hum vibrating through the air, and the leaves of mechanical trees sway gently in the breeze. Entering the tower, musical notes appear as if by magic under foot and you are enveloped in dark red light that radiates around and into you. Ascending all the floors of the tower introduces you to a spectrum of colours, sounds that increase in pitch and ancient/futuristic symbols whose meanings have been either long forgotten: or as yet, undiscovered.

This is of course a landscape that can exist only in a virtual world and it is a place that has sprung from the imagination of Cari Lekebusch; a man for who creating music, visual and art in one reality just simply isn’t enough: he needs two. “Fundamentally… I feel sick if I don’t get to make stuff,” laughs Cari. “Creation is as a big a part of life as any other fundamental part. So if there was not anything like the internet or computers, then I would most likely create something else. But given the choices, I do feel that audio and video combined are such awesome mediums to carry a message, emotion or anything you want to communicate, express or just have fun with. Experimenting with life in general in Virtual environments and 3D is a great combination between audio and video and thus is my number one choice.”

Ascension is his latest virtual art project, and perhaps the one that enabled him to fully understand the possibilities that combining sound, art and atmosphere can have in a virtual setting. Thanks to ‘Linden Endowment for the Arts’ (a community partnership program based within the virtual world of Second Life and owned by Linden Lab), Cari has been able to fuse his passion for music with video and architecture and place it in a virtual environment. The beauty of creation in Second Life is that it has an immediate and very global audience, as Cari explains: “Performing from the studio and transmitting worldwide means I leave a smaller carbon fingerprint compared to flying in aeroplanes all the time, although, nothing can beat the real thing performing on stage in front of a crowd!”

Ask anyone who is already a resident of Second Life and they will tell you that it is not simply a computer ‘game’ but an immersive and creatively addictive online environment to experiment with ideas, to interact with people from across the globe and to see up close and personal some of the advances in web technologies as they happen. “Although audio is my main expertise, producing music and DJing, I find bringing all this into virtual environments is interesting,” confirms Cari. Having recently completed work on Ascension, Cari is in the mood for some hard-core partying to celebrate, and will be performing sets that will be streamed live both in Second Life and across the internet for his supporters in both lives: it’s time to ascend…

Special thanks: Linden Lab, LEA Committee, Brett Linden, Morgan Linden and PatriciaAnne Daviau.

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Text: Persia Bravin Images: Mantis Oh

Greetings life form, and welcome to *** ASCENSION *** This is a Linden endowed interactive sound and art installation SIM by Mantis Oh (Cari Lekebusch). Enter the Ascension tower (ground level) and explore the 7 ascending levels.

It is vital for SIM experience that you have a minimum of 96 meters draw distance. Sounds should be turned up maximum in the volume control settings. SIM also features glow, light, shine, scripted creatures, animated textures, particles and interactive sound effects.
In the event areas (Sphinx club, Ultra club, Beach club plus secret areas) there will be a line of parties and informational events held during the ongoing LEA period. Featuring some of H-PRODUCTIONS artists, as well as partners. More information around this will be posted on the monitor sceens around the landing point, as well as in group notices and IM (LEA Endowment, HYBRID PRODUCTIONS and other groups).

Besides several secret areas and hidden "easter eggs", there is also a special side mission treasure hunt. Find the mystical orbs scattered around the island, after speaking to the well of knowledge and you shall be rewarded.

Mantis Oh and H-PRODUCTIONS - Headquarters Island and mainshop:


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Snapshots from LEA16. The ASCENSION tower marvels 7 levels at 390 meters in height. Each level with various interactive and informational abstractnessledness =D

Level 2 - orange (creation)

Level 5 - cyan (communication)

Level 3 - yellow (force)

Level 6 - blue (psy)

Event area - The Sphinx club

Event area - The Beach club

SIM view - Navigate by using the large flower shaped platforms connected by mid air walkways. You will find teleporters and needed information at the various points of interest. Many objects around the island are interactive, touch, sit, collide, look, listen, relax, feel free and enjoy. Explore every corner and you might find something unexpected :D

Hybrid Productions can not be held responsible for any kind of outher dimensional experiences, and extra or ultraterrestrial abductions in relation to use of Hybrid products. All rights reserved (C) Cari Lekebusch / H-Productions / Lekebusch Musik AB


Cari Lekebusch - Fabric promo mix and interview

Audio: Cari Lekebusch fabric Promo Mix 2013 * photo: OhlalaLyn. (M. Mouradian)
Posted in Mixes on Monday 08th April, 2013 by kirsti

Special promo mix and interview for the upcomming gigg at Fabric London =)

There are few people so actively living the techno life as Cari Lekebush; from the studio to the airport his schedule is as unrelenting as the energy of his beats. Its been one whole eventful year since weve last had Cari here on the blog so we took a few to catch up with the H Productions stalwart to find out whats been keeping him inspired despite the often draining demands of touring and being 20 albums deep into his recording career.

Hes also recorded us a new and exclusive promo mix, sharing some of his latest studio offerings alongside the output of some of his favourite upcoming producers who we can surely look forward to hearing more of over the coming months, ahead of his return to Room Two on Saturday.

DOWNLOAD Cari Lekebusch fabric Promo Mix 2013

Its been a year since we last spoke –whatve been your highlights of the last 12 months?
I have to say that I really enjoyed 2012. If the Mayans had been right and the world had ended then I guess I would have been fairly satisfied with the timing! Seriously though, the last time I was at fabric I was just starting the tour for my "You Are A Hybrid Too" album. That was a crazy few months with loads of great gigs and I was really happy with the reaction to the music, both from fans and the media. It was my twentieth studio album and I can safely say that it never gets easier to predict how people will react to a new project so I was very pleased with all the positivity that I received.

One of the unexpected bonuses of touring and promoting the album was that I got to travel to some amazing places for the first time including Argentina and Colombia. It was really inspiring and rewarding to visit new countries and to make some new friends but what really stuck in my mind was that everywhere I went the Techno scene was so strong and well-supported. This was very pleasing to see, and I took a lot of energy from experiencing such global support for our sound. Its funny, even after twenty albums and many years of touring I am feeling more inspired and energized about my music right now than I had done for a long time so long may that continue!

Hows this year been so far, I see youve been busying yourself in Miami?
2013 is disappearing fast! I took some time off in January to enjoy a long vacation so my year didnt really start until February. I spent three weeks in Mexico which was amazing. It was great to get away straight after all the NYE/NYD madness and I spent my time mostly just relaxing on the beach or taking some tours to some of the amazing Aztec ruins and historical sites. It was very moving and humbling to be in the presence of such ancient history and it made for a great holiday to combine deep relaxation with some cultural discoveries.

February and March I came back to reality with a bump as I got back to work with some great gigs around Europe at Soenda Festival Utrecht; A38 Budapest; Grounded Theory Berlin; Pfingstweide Zurich; as well as two amazing shows here in UK at Jaded London and Soundcontrol Manchester but yeah, one of the highlights was for sure Miami. I have never been to the Winter Music Conference before so I went in with my eyes wide open and despite not knowing what to expect I feel like it was a worthwhile experience. For sure it was great to escape the European winter for some Florida sunshine but it wasnt all fun and games and I spent a really productive and fun week hanging out with my management, going to some great parties and meeting some really interesting and talented people. WMC really is a gathering of the whole electronic music community from all over the globe so it was great to be a part of that and to see just how popular electronic music is becoming in North America right now.

What do the next few months look like for you? Are you crazy busy with festivals or do you think you’ll still find some precious studio time?
The next few months are really busy for me with loads of great club shows in the build up to summer and then some exciting festivals from July onwards. So far this summer I will be playing Fusion Festival and Nation Of Gondwana in Germany; Welcome To The Future and Have A Nice Day festivals in Holland; La Nuit Rouge Festival, Marseilles; and a crazy festival in California called Lightening In A Bottle. All that said, I am a total studio freak so I will be sure to lock myself away in the darkness whenever the opportunity arises. I am not the sort of artist who can for example only write music in the winter then spend all summer partying. I need to be writing almost constantly throughout the year. I find I get kind of out of sorts with myself if I go too long without letting myself loose in the studio so regardless of how busy the summer becomes you can be sure to find me in my studio!

Whats coming up on H Productions this year?
The label has had a slow start to 2013 (just like me!) but that was very deliberate. 2012 was the busiest year ever for H-Productions with artist albums from The Advent and myself plus a number of various artist and mix compilations that featured all the guys from the roster. As such I felt we needed a short break to re-evaluate and collect ourselves. We are now in full swing though with the first release of the year being from myself - "Malachite"/"Obsidian" - and the next release is out this week - a two track single from Londoner Jason Fernandes who I am sure is well know to fabric people. After that there will be a collaboration EP between Jesper Dahlb├Ąck and myself and then we will go into the summer with a remix package from The Advent"s album.

Can you tell us about the track selection on your mix and how it was recorded?
The mix was recorded just a few days ago in my studio in Stockholm with two CDJ2000 players and my Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer. I like to do maybe two promo mixes a month and plan them around the important gigs or projects I have scheduled. I spent the day going through my promos and tidying up the playlist folders from my previous weekends gigs so that I familiarize myself with all the tracks that I feel I want to showcase in the mix. Typically, I will then just press record and start jamming. I like to do mixes in a similar style to how I would play in a club so I like to keep it natural and flowing and see where the music takes me.

Some tracks to look out for in the mix would be three of the remixes of Ben Sim’s Drumcode album by Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati and Jerome Sydenham plus new music from some amazing new-ish producers like Nima Khak, Taster Peter, ON/OFF as well as the two most recent releases from my H-Productions label – my single "Malachite" and Jason Fernandes track "Heatseeker" which has been a real bomb track for me over the last couple of months.

Nima Khak - Empire Over Matter
Gary Beck - Video Siren
Taster Peter - Set Your Noise
Akasha FX - Hole
Quell - The Regular
Timmo - Mole (ON/OFF remix)
Cari Lekebusch - Malachite
Timmo - Slave
Ben Sims - The Afterparty (Adam Beyer remix)
Jewel Kid - House Of Lies
Ben SIms - Smoke and Mirrors (Jerome Sydenham's Carbon Dub)
Mark Broom - Two
Jason Fernandes - Heatseeker
Ben Sims - Can You feel It (Joseph Capriati remix)
Samuel L Session - Down With Dexter

Cari Lekebusch - Beatport & Upfront charts - April & May 2013

Cari Lekebusch April Beatport chart 2013

01. Ben Sims - Bullet (Cari Lekebusch remix) - Drumcode
02. Alex Under - GMID -
03. Cari Lekebusch - Obsidian - H-Productions
04. Adam Beyer - Never Really Left Home - Drumcode
05. Mark Broom - Salvo - BEK Audio
06. Minilogue - When Sadness Releases, Joy Arises - Grindvik and Zahn Remix - Enemy
07. Petter B - Second Coming - Drumcode
08. DJ Rush - Shes Fine, gary Beck remix - Bek Audio
09. Jason Fernandes - Heatseeker - H-Productions
10. Spiros Kaloumenos - Fight Back - Rhythm Converted
Cari Lekebusch Upfront chart on Resident Advisor, April, May 2013
01. Gary Beck - Video Siren - Bek audio
02. Cari Lekebusch, Jesper Dahlback - Flooded - H-Productions
03. Nima Khak - Empire Over Matter - ISL
04. Roberto Capuano - Groovin - Analytictrail Rec.
05. Mark Broom - Two
06. Samuel L Session - Down With Dexter - Klap Klap
07. Matteo Batini - Nomad - Beenoise Records
08. Space DJz - April Moonz - Masters of Disaster
09. Lluis Ribalta - Balance - Gate Null Recordings
10. Mark Reeve vs Taster Peter - Set Your Noise - Truesoul

HPX70 - Jason Fernandes - Heatseeker / Feel In Control (H-Productions)

Jason Fernandes makes a solo debut on H-Productions with this two-track single. Heatseeker brings together harmonic bass tones, distant bleeping effects and a distorted scratchy vocal loop; all driven along by a touch and punchy rhythm track. Feel In Control chooses a more linear path, building a jacking groove from shunting rhythms and tightly cut up sample loops to create a funky but abrasive cut complete with cavernous break for maximum effect on big floors.

Out on Beatport: 


Area 54: The Future of Second Life Clubbing By mixing up multimedia such as sound, video and graphics plus dual streaming of music in both second and real life, the new "Area 54" club, built and conceptualised by artist Thoth Jantzen, is paving the way for a whole new type of virtual clubbing experience. Launching on Saturday April 6th, at 3-7PM SLT (PDT) with a live DJ set courtesy of acclaimed Techno DJ and Producer, Cari Lekebusch (Mantis Oh in SL) and Gragee Pikanen (GraGee Piek in SL), Area 54 is the most immersive mixed reality venue on the grid. "Area 54 is a legal way to damage your mind without the physical harm to your brain chemicals can cause and almost no risk of incarceration!" exclaims Thoth Jantzen, describing the intense visuals at the club. "Plus, it will be streamed live across the internet, so you could become famous!" For Cari Lekebusch, performing in Second Life can be just as creatively rewarding as playing the numerous music festivals and clubs that are a regular part of his real life work. "SL sets and online set in general are fun in many ways," says Cari, as he loads up his playlist, "you can get other and different levels, in the interaction and feedback between artist and audience. Using various tools like video and audio streams, direct chat feedback and music track and title information." Techno - as a music medium - is well known for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and now with the opening of Area 54 and the opportunity for both Second Life ™ and real life audiences to be part of a shared multimedia event, it seems that mixed reality events really are the future.

Area 54 Location:
Event web stream:
Area 54 Information:
Cari Lekebusch Information:

(text: Persia Bravin - artwork: Mantis Oh)


Adam Beyers unique vision of The Afterparty uses phased percussion, tripped out drums and an ethereal like pad and melody to create a stand out remix that blends together two unique ideas momentously. Ben Klock steps up to take on The Afterparty too with the sound ever so synonymous with him. He uses rhythmic stabs and an unusual melody that works so well within the atmospheric landscape he has created. Joseph Capriatis remix of Can you feel it is a funky techno track that uses stabs to really build a solid groove that will be a sure fire hit. The Sandwell District remix of I Feel it Deep uses the original vocal in an ambient journey with pads and percussion to tell a story. Alan Fitzpatrick yet again doesnt disappoint with his remix of Riots in London that uses delayed stabs and a rolling bass line to construct another dark peak time player. Jerome Sydenhams Carbon Dub of Smoke and Mirrors is heavily dynamic and uses a piano chord and the original vocal to create an energetic vibe. Cari Lekebusch remix of Bullet uses a phased underlying melody to really drive the track forward before the bleep melody is introduced later into the track. Jeromes Looking Glass Dub also of Smoke and Mirrors uses a throbbing bass line to power through the early hours of the morning with the use of the delayed vocal and rhythmic hi hats creating a funky techno groove.

The Afterparty - Adam Beyer Remix
The Afterparty - Ben Klock Remix
Can You Feel It - Joseph Capriati Remix
I Feel It Deep (Featuring Tyree Cooper) - Sandwell District Remix
Riots In London - Alan Fitzpatrick Remix
Smoke & Mirrors - Jerome Sydenham's Looking Glass Dub 2013
Bullet - Cari Lekebusch Remix
Smoke & Mirrors - Jerome Sydenham's Carbon Dub 2013

Ben Sims - Bullet (Cari Lekebusch remix)

Out on Beatport: