The brainchild of Swedish sound architect, Cari Lekebusch, H-Productions has come to be known the world-over as a brand that is synonymous with the evergreen nature of the techno scene. Often credited with serving as inspiration to a generation of electronic music producers, the label mirrors the creative attributes of its founder; earning a reputation as a diverse and evolutionary force within techno, thanks to the steady stream of quality productions that collectively make up an enviable back catalogue; a back catalogue that will go beyond the one hundred releases milestone during 2013, the label's ninetieth anniversary. Even for a producer renowned for their unrelenting output, Cari Lekebusch had a busy 2012. The release of "You Are A Hybrid Too" marked the Swedes twentieth studio album and was accompanied by collaborations across H-Productions projects, including "Arrival" with The Advent, "Steampunk" with Nima Khak and "Triolic" with Benjamin Mull. There were also remixes for Octave One and Chris Colburn and an "Archeology Exc." compilation. All of which further reinforced Lekebusch's reputation as a virtuoso writer of techno, as relevant today as ever. Malachite and Obsidian are classic Lekebusch. Precisely illustrating the vergreen producers ability to weave intricate productions, both tracks flow effortlessly while creating tension, teasing out the next sonic surprise to be revealed from shadowy soundscapes. Effortlessly combining elements as varied as growling bass stabs, wailing sirens and bleeping melodies, there is plenty of energy and atmospheric punch on display too, with ear-catching hooks underpinned by trademark funk-filled grooves laced with razor-sharp percussion.

01 - Cari Lekebusch - Malachite HPX69 01
02 - Cari Lekebusch - Obsidian HPX69 02

Out 11th March, 2013 on Beatport: