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Despite The Advent and Cari Lekebusch being two of the most enduring names in techno, the release of "Sonic Intervention" is the most high profile product to date of a working relationship that has that has spanned almost the entire history of techno. Something of a landmark for all concerned; not only is it the first full-length album from The Advent since 2005s T.R.I.N.I.T.Y long player for Berlin’s Tresor Records but for H-Productions and its founder, the project is the highlight thus far of the labels resurgent release schedule. As Lekebusch commented, “to have known and respected Cisco and his music or so long it was of course a great moment to get to release this album. The blend of old and new styles with high caliber The Advent production has created a strong album with depth and variety that I think new and old fans alike will really enjoy”.

Opening with the Vangelis inspired ‘Present Voyage’ then weaving a path through gritty throbbing bass, exemplified by ‘Arrival’ and on to minimized funk of ‘Disco Diva’ and ‘Need House’, ‘Sonic Intervention’ progresses naturally on through the swirling tension of ‘Get Up’ and crescendos with the combination of floor-burner ‘NZT’ and the old-school Electro stomping ‘Electric Pandemic’; featuring the vocals of Detroit Grand Puba’s Paris Du Black Fu. When quizzed on his motivations behind his latest studio album, The Advent stated “I wanted to do something quite personal for this first album and delve a little bit into the past to get inspiration from my influences… to make an album that reflected all the musical genres I have been inspired by over the years – electro, electronica, tech house - not just the techno tracks”. Future music from a past master, made for the here and now.'

01 - The Advent - Present Voyage
02 - The Advent - Gamora (A.D.I.N Mutation)
03 - The Advent, Cari Lekebusch – Arrival
04 - The Advent – Bodycount
05 - The Advent - Disco Diva
06 - The Advent - Need House (A.D.I.N Mutation)
07 - The Advent, Jason Fernandes - Get Up
08 - The Advent, Industrialyzer – NZT
09 - The Advent feat Paris Da Black Fu - Electric Pandemic

Vinyl Disc 1
A1: The Advent, Industrialyzer – NZT
B1: The Advent – Bodycount
B2: The Advent feat Paris Da Black Fu - Electric Pandemic

Vinyl Disc 2
A1: The Advent - Disco Diva
B1: The Advent - Need House (A.D.I.N Mutation)
B2: The Advent, Jason Fernandes - Get U

cover artwork made by ZIGGY

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