H-PRODUCTIONS presents [HPX65] V/A - Recombination Sequence 1 - Symbiosis

H-PRODUCTIONS presents [HPX65] V/A - Recombination Sequence 1 - Symbiosis

(Various artists in colaboration)

H-Productions Recombination Sequence series is the third part of a trilogy of compilation concepts that the label has launched in 2012. Carrying on from the Mutations and Archeology Exc. series, Recombination Sequence takes its inspiration from the run of collaboration EP’s the label released in 2011 with the aim of bringing together collaborations between artists on the H-Productions roster as well as both new and established producers who have traditionally not contributed towards the label. With a long history of collaboration between the artists on the H-Productions roster, not least label figure head, Cari Lekebusch, the motivation behind this project is to allow for more of the kind of sonic experimentation and collaborative creativeness that has been at the core of why H-Productions has endured so long as a tastemaker label within Techno.

This nine-track compilation brings together the combined talents of an array of established and emerging talent. Planned and collected over a six-month period, there are collaborative works between Cari Lekebusch and other members of the HPX collective including The Advent, Tony Rohr and Nima Kahk as well as Jesper Dahlb├Ąck & Nima Khak and Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr. From outside the label roster, techno stalwart Dustin Zahn hooks up with Tony Rohr while Dutch songbird Zoe Xenia brings her understated soul to H-Productions for the first time and Berlin saxophonist Niklas Mascher adds his tripped-out musical touch to the album. Finally, Benjamin Mull, younger brother of Swedish Techno icon Joel, joins forces with Lekebusch to give a symbiotic sense that within this microcosm of production, history is repeating itself.

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HPX65 - 01 - Cari Lekebusch, Nima Khak - Steampunk
HPX65 - 02 - Dustin Zahn, Tony Rohr - Midwest Preassure
HPX65 - 03 - Jesper Dahlback, Nima Khak - The Searcher
HPX65 - 04 - Zoe Xenia, Cari Lekebusch - Matchmaker
HPX65 - 05 - Cari Lekebusch, Niklas Mascher - Space Crusade
HPX65 - 06 - Alexi Delano, Tony Rohr - El Capo
HPX65 - 07 - The Advent, Cari Lekebusch - Deepart
HPX65 - 08 - Cari Lekebusch, Tony Rohr - The Shuffle Cycle
HPX65 - 09 - Benjamin Mull, Cari Lekebusch - Triolic

artwork by Carolina "Blue" Falkholt
video (photo+edit] by Johan Lidell