Zoe Xenia & Jade Mantis - Behind the Mind (ep, on 1:53.2)

Zoe Xenia and Jade Mantis (Cari Lekebusch) met during a festival event in The Netherlands, and became instant friends while sharing stage. During the show both Zoe and Cari realised their mutual, compatible energies and it didnt take long before the first co-operation track’s where recorded. The first experiments where conducted over the internet, but after noting the great results Cari visited Zoe in Amsterdam (and Zoe visited Cari in Stockholm). The outcome was beautyful, timeless an original sounding Deep House infused Techno to Techno infused Deep House music.

As a bonus goodie for this release, Jade Mantis has recorded a mix using only music produced by Zoe Xenia. We are very proud to present this exclusive extra material to you - Download the full package directly from 1532.se
Jade Mantis Mix Session 2012

Vinyl and Digital out now:

  Zoë Xenia and Jade Mantis - Behind The Mind (EP, on 1:53.2) by Zoë Xenia & Jade Mantis