Cari Lekebusch - Svett EP (ISLR015, International Sound Laboratory)

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Out end April 2012, on Jesper Dahlback's ISL, (International Sound Laboratory)


Cari Lekebusch - Rejuvenations (H-Productions, remix series)

H-Productions have been releasing their distinctive brand of ever-so-slightly left-of-centre techno since 1994. Founded by the endlessly prolific and pioneering Cari Lekebusch, the label has become a mainstay of the techno scene; one of the few labels who can claim to have been influential throughout the last two decades of techno history. Aware of their status as one of the elder statesmen of the European scene, H-Productions and Lekebusch himself understand the necessity to keep their sights fixed on the horizon if they are to have a future within the ever changing and increasingly disposable world of electronic music. It is this desire to maintain that has been the inspiration for the labels eye-opening release schedule of EP's, albums and compilations from an array of classic and emerging techno names.

The recent release of the inaugural episode of H-Production's Archeology series shone a light on Cari Lekebusch's discography. The multi-part chain of compilations will explore the techno archeology of H-Production's artists, delving deep into their back catalogue to unearth long-forgotten and undiscovered examples of their work that were landmarks within their evolution as a producer. Inspired by the warm reception given to this retrospective works, H-Productions now launch a sub-series of EP's that will take the prize finds from the Archeology sessions and bring those classic tracks up to date with remixes from some of the most well known and respected producers within techno.

For the first installment of H-Productions Rejuvenation series, Cari Lekebusch has handpicked his favorite producers to rework four of the better-known titles from his catalogue. No strangers to unearthing past glories following the Soma 20th anniversary, Slam step up to add a weighty slice of techno heritage to the package, turning in a hypnotic journey of a mix to compliment the otherworldly vibes of the infamous 'Mad Poet'. On the flip of the first vinyl, fellow Hybrid, Nima Khak, takes on 'Attitydknackaren' and delivers a brilliantly simple and hugely effective update that is sure to illuminate many after hour sets.

Next come a brace of mixes from recent collaborators with Lekebusch, as two of techno's brightest starts return the complement with modern interpretations of Cari classics. Joseph Capriati stamps his incendiary style on the Rastafarian chanting of 'Unite' to create a punchy but subtle rework that pulses with intent as the vox refrain weaves in the mix while Alan Fitzpatrick gets ravey on the iconic 'Steady Motion', originally a limited edition EP for the Japanese market, as he brings his unmistakable heavy funk to the familiar gruff vocal hook.

01 Cari Lekebusch -- Mad Poet (Slam Remix)
02 Cari Lekebusch -- Steady Motion (Alan Fitzpatrick Gets Ravey)
03 Cari Lekebusch -- Unite (Joseph Capriati Remix)
04 Cari Lekebusch -- Attitydknackaren (Nima Khak Remix)

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HPX62 - Cari Lekebusch - Rejuvenations - H-Productions by H-Productions

Octave One - Love and Hate (Cari Lekebusch Revealed remix)

430 West continues to celebrate its 20-year history, allowing two more Octave One classics to get the remix treatment from some of the Burden brothers favourite artists. For the latest instalment, Swedens Cari Lekebusch retakes on Octave One's Love and Hate this time with his Revealed Mix. Coming along for the ride is Vince Watson with his own special take of the O1 classic "Nicolette".

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Zoe Xenia & Jade Mantis - Behind the Mind (ep, on 1:53.2)

Zoe Xenia and Jade Mantis (Cari Lekebusch) met during a festival event in The Netherlands, and became instant friends while sharing stage. During the show both Zoe and Cari realised their mutual, compatible energies and it didnt take long before the first co-operation track’s where recorded. The first experiments where conducted over the internet, but after noting the great results Cari visited Zoe in Amsterdam (and Zoe visited Cari in Stockholm). The outcome was beautyful, timeless an original sounding Deep House infused Techno to Techno infused Deep House music.

As a bonus goodie for this release, Jade Mantis has recorded a mix using only music produced by Zoe Xenia. We are very proud to present this exclusive extra material to you - Download the full package directly from
Jade Mantis Mix Session 2012

Vinyl and Digital out now:

  Zoë Xenia and Jade Mantis - Behind The Mind (EP, on 1:53.2) by Zoë Xenia & Jade Mantis