I'm A Hybrid Microsite at H-Productions.se

2012 will see Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions label take a giant stride forward in the world of Web 2.0 with the launch of the label’s ‘I’m A Hybrid’ microsite service. This new initiative will benefit the labels most loyal fans by giving access to music, including lots of exclusive content, first and in a unique, enhanced way. The site is live now so go check it!

For a fixed charge per product, ‘I’m A Hybrid’ users gain access to their own account as part of H-Productions ‘I’m A Hybrid’ microsite; a special place for the labels über-fans to hang out and enjoy our music within a specially constructed multi-media environment.

Users will automatically be notified on delivery of our new releases each month. Audio can be accessed via the HPX player, which streams audio from within the microsite and also via WAV and MP3 download ZIPs.

So what do you get for your money a month? H-Productions will release an album a month through 2012. Projects include artist albums, various artist compilations and DJ mixes. Content will be drawn from all eight HPX artists and will include re-issues / remixes of classic tracks alongside tons of new music. The 2012 release schedule is detailed below.

Hybrids get more than just music though! The microsite will be designed to operate as the labels own online magazine full of bespoke editorial, created each month around the new projects as they happen with exclusive news, announcements and competitions, interviews, artist biopics, artist blogs and charts all viewed within project branded page.
Having set a high standard for video content in 2011 with a series of “on tour” video’s from showcase events in Amsterdam, London and Zurich, the microsite will see this aspect of the label marketing enhanced with in depth artist interviews, studio / production tutorials, promotional videos and more behind the scenes footage from HPX tour events.
I’m A Hybrid users will also be able to access a variety of merchandise and multi-media bonus gifts around each release. These gifts will be specific to the projects and will include things like downloadable artwork prints, screen savers and desktop avatars as well as bespoke merchandise lines themed around the creative ideas behind our music.
By creating this bespoke, interactive environment which is tailored to the needs and wants of our fans and built to enhance their enjoyment of our product and involvement in the H-Productions brand we hope to further shorten the gap between our artists and fans and in the process deliver a product which is desirable, collectable and value for money.

Mutations 101 Various Artist compilation. 17 tracks + DJ Mix
Excavations 1: Cari Lekebusch DJ Mix compilation 19 tracks + DJ Mix
Rejuvenations – Cari Lekebusch & Jesper Dahlback Remixed
Cari Lekebusch Album
Excavations 2: Alexi Delano DJ Mix compilation
The Advent Album
Recombination’s: Symbiosis – Various Artist Collaboration Compilation
Excavations 3: Tony Rohr DJ Mix Compilation
Alexi Delano Album
Cari Album Remixes
Excavations 4: The Advent DJ Mix Compilation
The Advent Album Remixes