2011 saw the launch of a new way of working for Cari Lekebusch's H-Productions label. Motivated by the dual inspirations of the label's original name -- Hybrid Productions -- and the brands long legacy within techno, a concept was born which would bring together a select group of artists whose musical taste complimented one another and whose heritage matched that of the label. This deliberate hoarding and nurturing of creative forces within a group dynamic has breathed new life into a label whose first release hit the shelves of record stores in 1994; enabling the H-Productions legacy to continue to be a home to the artist who have helped build the brand over the last seventeen years and provide a launch pad for like-minded talent of the next generation.

Like the label itself, this debut release of H-Productions' Mutation series is also a hybrid. Born out of a spark of inspiration, this various artist compilation is an evolution of the often tried and well tested 'annual best of compilation' concept; a collection of brand new, original tracks crafted solely from the separated production parts of H-Productions 2011 back catalogue. Having collected numerous samples of percussion, keys, strings, pads and effects from the 40 tracks released in the last year a gene pool of audio. This mass of parts and stems was made available to the H-Productions artists, with all eight members of the roster invited to consume the individual parts in order to regenerate them into original productions of their own. Result? The seventeen tracks listed below...

A unique, set of genetically modified music created by combining and mutating the sonic DNA of the label's 2011 output. A bold experiment to challenge the creative elasticity of the producers on the roster by inventing a hyper-artistic working environment that would allow for the group to be inspired by each other while expressing themselves individually.
Creatively free to select parts from whichever track they wished, a controlled but random process began to take shape. Take a hi-hat from Alexi; grab a bassline off Cari; throw in Jesper's kick drum; add a sample from The Advent & Industrialyzer's synth; play around with Joel's melody and sprinkle it all with Tony's crazy effects. The potential combinations were endless and we believe the outcome is nothing short of phenomenal.

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01 - Alexi Delano - Brooklyn Formula
02 - The Advent - Hybrid House (G-Flame Dub Mix)
03 - Alexi Delano - Transform To Form
04 - Joel Mull - Constant Crescendo
05 - Tony Rohr - Filterful
06 - The Advent - Hybrid House (G-Flame mix)
07 - Cari Lekebusch -- Esoterrarium
08 - Nima Khak - Mosaicism
09 - Jesper Dahlback - Whole Lotta' Faith
10 - Cari Lekebusch - Slipped Strand Mispair
11 - Tony Rohr - Mommy I'm Lost
12 - Industrialyzer - Auxiliary Form
13 - The Advent - Hybridizing
14 - The Advent & Industrialyzer - Mutate
15 - Tony Rohr - Hypnotix
16 - Industrialyzer - Circuit Overload
17 - Industrialyzer - Clone Factor

00 - H-Productions - V/A - Mutation 101 Continuous Mix.

Out now! DIGI and Vinyl