Having made a debut on H-Productions back in March alongside regular studio partner, Industrialyzer, this latest three-track EP marks The Advent’s first solo work for the label; cementing an exciting partnership with Cari Lekebusch’s seminal imprint. A new school alliance of old school names that will see the release of The Advent’s tenth studio album in June 2012.

Title track, Higher Learning, sets the futuristic ‘sci-fi’ feel for this EP with its linear robotic groove, vocoder vocal stabs and high-end frequencies creating a synthetic soup of mechanical sounds, bleeps and squeaks.

Distract injects yet more textured layers to the release with a purposeful, percussive groove providing the foundation for bubbling melancholic melodies and drawn out harmonic yawns to craft a deep but driving feel.

The package culminates with Nexus 22; a fusion of unrelenting swinging rhythms and cinematic hooks that flip from sinister, otherworldly mood setting melodies to hauntingly shrill harmonics, floating throughout the mix.

Video filmed and edited by Mantis Oh, in INSILICO. Thank's to Skills Hak for the kind permission. http://insilico.gemini-cybernetics.net/

Vinyl and Digital out now