Alexi Delano and Cari Lekebusch - Off World Wonder - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX56]

Ahead of their forthcoming "Path Of Hybrid" compilation, Alexi Delano and Cari Lekebusch come together on this four-track collaboration EP. Constructed over countless remote studio sessions with Delano and Lekebusch swapping files across the Atlantic, the pair got to finish the project via a marathon three-day studio session in Stockholm. The result is a set of mood-soaked techno that reflects the personality of both artists

The 12” of the release opens up with Off World Wonder. Set to a steady marching rhythm, this deep and brooding trip through low bass tones and cut up chants fuses deep tribal flavors with spaciously epic atmospheres. On the flip side, Streams Of Dreams keeps things on the deep, rolling tip with a heavy, undulating sub-bass powering the groove while an infectious vocal refrain loops in the background. Seriously deep and sultry techno…

Two digital bonus tracks complete the EP. System Unlocked sees Alexi and Cari get in a more melodic mood; conjuring up a slow-burning groove of swaying rhythms and lush chords that amalgamate into a hypnotic mood-setter. Out Of Sight closes out the EP with a workout of punchy robotic funk and freaky harmonic organ riffs that makes for a robust but harmonic tool for adding colour and life to heads-down beat drive DJ sets.

Vinyl and Digital out now