ESD034 - Alan Fitzpatrick and Cari Lekebusch - First Times - 8 Sided Dice

Have you ever sat about playing 'Producer Top Trumps' and wondered what a particular studio combination would sound like? Well, here at 8 Sided Dice we don't like to waste our days wondering. We want to find out the facts. Consequently, when we dreamed up the idea of Alan Fitzpatrick going head-to-head in the studio with Cari Lekebusch we immediately packed Alan on a plane to Stockholm and told him to not come home until the matter was settled.

The result was 'First Times'. Unsurprisingly for a Fitzpatrick / Lekebusch production certain elements take care of themselves. Resounding beats, precisely crafted rhythms and a groove that will make the room move, never mind the people in it, are all supplied as standard but it is the giant-sized melodic moments where the pairs skills intertwine to give the most exciting results.

For the b-side, remix duties were handed over to 8 Sided Dice crew members, Rich Jones and Chris Colburn; who formed their own collaborative partnership to give 'First Times' a good old shake about to see where the pieces fell. The rearrangement moves the original into darker territory, toughening up the groove with metallic, choppy beats and freaking out the harmonic elements with off-kilter reverbs and echo effects.

ESD034 - Alan Fitzpatrick and Cari Lekebusch - First Times by Cari Lekebusch

Released Aug 01 - 2011

Tony Rohr - Oddlantik Avenue Remixes - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX55]

Having originally released Tony Rohr’s Oddlantik Avenue album back in February, Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions have done what they do best and clubbed together between their tight roster of like-minded artists to come up with a eye-widening selection of reworks for this remixes EP.

Left to their own devises to pick what tracks to remix, the individuals’ own tastes came to the fore. The Advent unsurprising opted for the twisted techno killer ‘Eden Acid’ while Cari Lekebusch jumped at reworking the crazily tripped out ‘RZ-Fun’. Alexi Delano’s low-slung mix of ‘Nightdrive’ is beautifully melancholic and Jesper Dahlback made Oddrangement into a disorientating soup of deeply intense moods and fizzing percussion.

Vinyl and Digital out now