Cari Lekebusch - Repetae Multi Volume 1 - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX54]

It has been a full twelve months since Cari Lekebusch appeared as a solo artist on his H-Productions label. Having filled that time focusing on a number of collaborative ventures with his peers and showcasing the work of the H-Production roster this come-back EP offers a supreme selection high impact techno.

"Repetae Multi Volume 1" is made of 5 brand new tracks from Cari Lekebusch, once again showcasing his outstanding production talents and his ear for floor shaking rolling techno. From the opening cut "Inambulatio" we are launched into a world of deep hypnotic grooves with a relentlessness that draws you in keep you hooked from beginning to end. "Tenacis" takes a slightly more glitchy approach, with tight percussion, bleeps and beeps riding over white noise sweeps and pulsing bass. "Animae Abludo" delves down a path of wonky rhythms and dark twists in a way that only Lekebusch can do. "Abadeaqua" heads straight for the floor with a some jacking drum programming and bass patterns that provide the perfect bed for the subtle spacy melodies. Finally we have "Obscurus Sanctus", a dark edged soundscape with an edgy but atmospheric intro vibe, quality stuff.

Vinyl and Digital July 04 - 2011

HPX54 - Cari Lekebusch - Repetae Multi Volume 1 by Cari Lekebusch

Stephan Bodzin "Tenacis!!! massive tune. full festival alert!"
Karotte "cari is on fire at the moment. abadeaqua and tenacis are the tracks for me. great."
Joseph Capriati "bomb ep, as always Cari gives us lot of great stuffs to play :)"
Alan Fitzpatrick "love the whole EP!"
Damir "excelent ep from cari as usual! will play for sure! "
Cristian Varela "oh yeah! Abadeaqua"
Abi Bah "What can i say. Cari is the King and this release proves it. 5 killer tracks in a row. Booom!"
Flavio Diaz "amazing 5 tracker! felt in love with animae abludo & tenacis!!"
Damon Wild "Great release! Full support .Like Tenacis the best."
KIMONO "Tenacis hit my heart !! HEll YEss !! 5/5"
Marko Nastic "support! 5/5"
Tim Xavier "I really like the step seq in Animae!!"
Markantonio "animae abludo is my fav forza Cari"
Stryke "wow. this has got to be some of my favourite stuff from cari in quite some time. loving the feel here! every track is just simply amazing!"
Patrick Siech "Great pack here, especially Tenacis and Abadeaqua, will play out and chart this month! Puss! "
Mauro Picotto "always big support for this master of productions"
Jesper Dahlback "cari is on fire! really well produced bangers, love it!"
Sasha Carassi "Top as always! Bravo Cari!"
Laurent Garnier "Great stuff -- Cari in full effect "
Orde Meikle "loving this label -will play thanks"
D-Nox "very swedish, cold dry techno. I pick Abadeaqua. Will play tonight and see how it works."



Octave One - Love and Hate (Cari Lekebusch's Hidden remix) - 430 West Records

Out now DIGI and Vinyl, on 430 West Records, a remix i did on Octave One's classic anthem "Love and Hate". This is the "Hidden remix" - a more subtle remix that camouflages the melodic parts into drums and percussive elements.

Also comming soon is the "Revealed remix" wich is crafted in a more orthodox way of remixing - watch this space ;) EZPZ // Cari

Find it at BEATPORT - and or your local Record shop

Check out the eminent Burden brothers:

  by Cari Lekebusch

Cari Lekebusch & Joel Mull - Afrormosia - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX53]

Cari Lekebusch looks to friend and fellow Swedish techno stalwart Joel Mull for the latest instalment in the unfolding story of H-Productions.

Lekebusch and Mull should need little or no introduction for most, both of them having spent the last two decades shaping the techno landscape with their recordings for labels such as Drumcode, Cocoon, Harthouse and of course H Productions.Their latest musical adventure is a four track EP featuring 2 collaborative works and a solo track each.

We open with "Afrormosia" and launch straight into the first of the two collaborations with a deep and rolling cut that draws on tight drums, stabs and vocal edits to create a superb heads down groove.

Next up Cari & Joel unleash "Mahogany", a pulsating slice of mesmerizing techno with a deep late night feel to it, pitch shifted vocals, relentless rides and the ever present throbbing bass make this an instant winner.

For the third cut Joel Mull takes the reins solo and delivers the excellent "Gmelina", this is a superb percussive workout with real intensity and shows off Mulls production talents to the full.

Finally Cari Lekebusch steps up alone and turns in "Obeche". Again this is a rolling and hypnotic cut that sits perfectly with the accompanying tracks and is certain to find favour with techno and tech house DJs across the board.

Vinyl and Digital June 02 - 2011

   HPX53 - Cari Lekebusch and Joel Mull - Afrormosia

Stephan Bodzin "5/5 i like all 4 tracks!"
Karotte "Great ep. All 4 tracks good full support!"
Anton Pieete "AFRORMOSIA!!!! Damn its gooooood"
Pig and Dan "AMAZING : ) ROARING"
Mihalis Safras "Massive record again! Those are my fav swedish producers!"
Dubfire "Thanks a lot. Good one!"
John Digweed "Good stuff!"
Joseph Capriati "great collab between Cari & Joel! full support."
Alan Fitzpatrick "great duo, full support! "
Adam Beyer "Full support for the homies. "
Abi Bah "Obeche blew my mind. Will play it. Pure prime time material:)"
Flavio Diaz "awesome cerebral sound trips! love mahogany! "
Phil Kieran "nice ep cheers !"
Gary Beck "nice one, cool tribal feel. I like obeche"
Paul Hamill / Psycatron "wicked ep guys!"
Alexi Delano "TOP NOTCH!! "
Nihad Tule "Obeche is my pick this time. Utzi! "
Nima Khak "What a package! Cari + Joel = Gold! 5/5"
Monika Kruse "dark , groovy , sexy . well done guys!"
Cisco "THE ADVENT" Ferreira  "Love the collabs.. more please!"
Tim Xavier "Number one rules: never leave negative feedback. I like Obeche, its the only one doing it for me :) thanks fellas!"
Markantonio "hey guys congratulations - I'll se you for a good pizza in napoli ciaoo"
Stryke "Solid production from 2 of my faves. "Gmelina" grooves and will be featured in my upcoming sets for sure!"
Mauro Picotto "Top quality sound as always from these 2 big guys "
Dustin Zahn "deep techno cuts from the techno soul and praying mantis!"
Jesper Dahlback "Obeche is my fav here! such nice package!"
Sasha Carassi "Superb as usual!"
Orde Meikle "Cool grooves - will play!"
D-Nox "Obeche & Gmelina for me, because they have the groove and some sort of story going on. the other two are a bit to flat for my taste. Will play Obeche as often as I can"