Jesper Dahlback - Thermal Voltage - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX52]

H Productions follow up outstanding recent singles from Alexi Delano and The Advent & Industrialyzer with a new EP from Swedish production don Jesper Dahlback.

For his latest musical outing Dahlback offers up 4 tracks of spacious, quality techno, kicking off with "Thermal Voltage", a stripped and intense cut with a big warehouse feel to it. Low end bass, relentless percussion and heavily reverbed stabs come together to create a sparse and edgy atmosphere on this excellent opener.

Next up we have "Transfer Function" which continues in a similarly stripped back vein, providing a superb deep and menacing vibe through a fusion of bass, discordant pads and FX, great stuff.

Penultimate track "Diode Ladder" takes an old school line with filtered percussion and a DX style bassline to create a hypnotic piece of techno that is sure to get any dancefloor stuck in the groove.

Finally we have "Transistor Buffer", a brooding and rolling slab of minimal techno (in the original sense) that builds into a powerful groove, providing a perfect final piece to the package.

Vinyl and Digital May 12 - 2011

Find all about Jesper Dahlback here:


Mihalis Safras "one of my fav swedish!"
Adam Beyer "super! 5/5"
Heiko Laux "Transfer Function is the bomb. Great ep;)"
Sasha Carassi "Another BOMB release! Big fan!"
Abi Bah "Wow! Jesper did it again. Transfer Function is my favourite, it sounds like a really big vodoo machine on steroids"
Cisco Ferreira "THE ADVENT" "deep & driving like a pimped out techno bitch.. 10/10"
Alexi Delano "BOMBS!!"
Gregor Tresher "Diode Ladder is the one for me, quality stuff as expected!"
Alan Fitzpatrick "great EP from jesper, loving it!"
Par Grindvik "solid release my fav is "diode ladder" thanks!"
Joseph Capriati "solid release! Transfer Function is my fav but i like all tracks."
Nihad Tule "Totally banging shit! Jesper is definitely back in form. Will play all four. Thanks!"
Karotte "thermal voltage is it!!! diode ladder is great!"
Cari Lekebusch "Its right middle centre of the H-PROD bulls-eye sound of 2011. Properly damaged! :D"
Stryke "wow!!! best of the batch this week! total wharehouse vibe. perfectly up my alley. will rock this TONIGHT. and i love the cover artwork ;)"
Nima Khak "Pure genius! Nobody does it better right now than mr Dahlb├Ąck!"
Michel de Hey "love diode!"
Xpansul "BOMB BOMB BOMB!!! Support!!!"


Cari Lekebusch - Third Eye Vision - Mote Evolver (MOTE023)

Luke Slaters Mote-Evolver has been busy keeping the techno scene on its toes with a string of releases that have proven the credentials of the label and challenged the status quo.

High profile releases such as Planetary Assault Systems Deep Heet Vol. 2 and the Jerome Sydenham vs Function, James Ruskin and P.A.S. remixes of GT have set the benchmark for a release schedule that has seamlessly encompassed music from Slater and his peers as well as the best of new school producers like Samuli Kemppi, Lucy and Shifted who are evolving the techno sound for the next generation.

One such producer who could be attributed to either of these categories is Cari Lekebusch. Often credited with serving as inspiration to a generation of electronic music producers, the founder of H-Productions has earned a reputation as a diverse and evolutionary force within techno thanks to a steady stream of quality productions and so Mote-Evolver welcomes Cari back to the label for his second release with open arms.

Third Eye Vision, inspired by ideas of cerebral exploration, is one for the heads. Built around a building groove emitting a constant melodic hum; the effect is a disorientating hypnosis enhanced by psychedelic chimes and detuned reverbs.

Ana Kata, with its playful, off-centre styling, continues the EPs theme of other worldliness. Warm and enticing yet stark and challenging at times, the fusion of contrasting elements from both sides of the palette creates an alluring harmony.

Available as a bonus track on the digital release, Octave Mundi closes out the EP with an epic flourish. Part cinematic soundscape, part muscular rhythm track, the sonic alchemy at work creates a moment for the late hours; delivering in equal measures for the head and for the feet.

Vinyl and Digital out now (May 04 - 2011).

more info on Cari:

MOTE023 - Third Eye Vision by Cari Lekebusch


Christian Smith "Great release. Full support! 5/5"
Mihalis Safras "Loving Caris latest releases. Support!"
Paul Woolford "Cari always brings the machine funk"
Gary Beck "TEV is great! 5/5"
Adam Beyer "Full support for Cari!"
Jesper Dahlb├Ąck "Gotta be the best lekebusch trax in a long while! Perfect tooly bangers! Awsome production!"
Alan Fitzpatrick "5/5 Amazing EP from cari! Will hammer!"
Joseph Capriati "Great package from Cari! Full support."
Tim Xavier "I like the title track a lot 4/5!"
Tiger Stripes "Another solid release from one of my fav labels! Go Sweden!"
Stuart McMillan (Slam) "Nice tracks will play! 4/5"
Phil Kieran "4/5 sweet sounds great , cheers !"
Jamie Bissmire "Yes please...all trax rocking ! Octave Mundi is sweet, be dropping this on the weekend ! Very nice"
Xpansul "Dope!! Support from me!"
Pig & Dan "Loving the whole release fat with a capital F!!"
Nuno dos Santos "Deep and haunting tracks here as only Cari can do it! Love it!"
Dustin Zahn "4/5 nice new ep from the praying mantis! I prefer the latter 2 cuts"
Damon Wild "great ep as expected from both a quality label and artist. Like them all!"
Mauro Picotto "Love third eye vision, cool track!"
Heiko Laux "4/5 Will play Ana Kata cheers!"
Karotte "Third eye vision is a good one for me. Will play it"
Paul Hamill/Psycatron "Another really strong release from ME."
Lance Blaise "4/5 Great tracks!"
Konrad Black "Deep and weird, I love it...thaks!"
Industrialyzer "4/5 great Release :)"
Orde Meikle "Another strong release - will play thanx!"
Bart Skils "5/5 very cool and functional ep..full support!!"