Alexi Delano - Color Clash 3 - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX51]

Cari Lekebusch's H-Productions welcome back longtime hybrid agent Alexi Delano for their latest offering.

Alexi's ‘Colorclash3’ EP kicks off with ‘In a Blue Mood’, a rolling and pulsating slice of techy excellence that draws on razor sharp drums and percussion, laying the base for hypnotic stabs and atmospheric FX. This is an subtle yet intense track that pushes all the right buttons and is certain to find it’s place in record boxes for months to come.

Next up we have ‘Moving Slowly’ which again journeys into the realms of deep, emotive techno. A simple yet incessant line runs through the track, giving it a heads down vibe before the edgy and dark top riff comes down bringing a twisted late night feel, class stuff.

Finally ‘Steep Steps’layers understated elements to provide a superb sonic tapestry of intertwining stabs, sweep and hits. This is perfect closing piece to a superb package from this outstanding Chilean born, Swedish raised & NYC based recordings artist.

Vinyl and Digital out April 04 - 2011

More about Alexi Delano:

Teaser video:

Laurent Garnier "4/5 very niiiiice indeed"
Stuart McMillan "4/5 All nice tracks although In a Blue mood tips it for me."
Orde Meikle "4/5 liking these - playing!"
Sasha Carassi "Class as ever! 5/5!"
Umek " 4/5 very good!"
Adam Beyer " 4/5 Cool trax!"
Cisco "The Advent" Ferreira "4/5 Moving Slowly!!"
Mauro Picotto "great label plus big artist can only be a super release, unique style love it"
Troy Pierce "moving slowly is excellent. other tracks aren't too bad either.. nice one."
Karotte "blue mood and moving slowly are great. Full support for Alexi"
Stephan Bodzin "love steep steps! great piece of techno!"
Gregor Tresher "Great package, I like both blue mood and moving slowly. Will definitely play."
Luciano "love it!"
Stryke "Alexi brings it once again. 3 great tracks here. love the mood. "moving slowly" is my fave here. will definitely rock all 3 though. This is going to be a great year for Alexi!!!"
Tim Xavier "I really like moving slowly....some of the tunes are a bit high-hat intensive...but what ever, it's Alexi music, I'll playing without thinking twice...Vielen Dank!"
Alan Fitzpatrick "4/5 great EP, blue mood is my pick!"
Secret Cinema "Steep Steps is the one for me"
Danny Howells "Cool stuff, will play!!!"
Markantonio "nice rec we do full support for alexi!"
Joseph Capriati "great release from Alexi! full support."
Flavio Diaz "5/5 Pure H:production Style! LOVE IT!!"
Davide Squillace "4/5 Support !"
Camea "love moving slowly ! will defiitely play xx"
Nihad Tule "Loving Steep Steps! Reminds me a bit of old hybrid/djupt stuff. Thanks!"
Jesper Dahlback "Futuristic electronic dancemusic for the next millenium! 5/5 top stuff!"
KIMONO "5/5 Great work by Alexi, he really managed to print the real Hybrid feeling in this one !! RIIIIZPEQT"