The Advent & Industrialyzer - SCH EXP - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX50]

Cari Lekebusch’s H-PRODUCTIONS imprint teams up with the heavyweight duo of The Advent & Industrialyzer for a brand new single of floorfilling atmospheric techno…

H Productions continue their musical journey with the signing of a brand new single from The Advent and Industrialyzer. The Advent, for those who don’t know, is Cisco Ferreira, a central figure in Techno for the last 20 years whose seminal recordings for the legendary Internal label led to his becoming a household name (for any lover of techno at least). Ferreira is also the man behind the much lauded Kombination Research label which has acted as a fitting vehicle for Advent over the last 13 years. Industrialyzer is the pseudonym of one Ricardo Rodrigues, the Lisbon born and Dutch based producer behind the CodeWorks label, he has had success with a string of solo releases and has worked alongside Ferreira previously on a host of collaborative singles.

For their latest outing Ferreira and Rodrigues have delivered new original new recordings in the form of ‘SCH EXP’ and ‘Complex Data’. The release kicks off with the former of the 2, a bumping, off beat bass driven cut that delves into energy fuelled melodic territory to great effect. Twisted and heavily effected argeppiated riffs layer over rolling drums and white noise sweeps to create a dense, dancefloor atmosphere with a classic old school techno feel.

On the flipside the duo take things into the realms of darker and tougher techno, with the intense and industrial ‘Complex Data’. This is dark edged machine music with a taught, menacing air about it and a brilliant heads down vibe. Superbly produced and perfectly delivered, this is a great slice of techno from these two outstanding producers.

The addition of The Advent and Industrialyzer to the H Productions roster is certainly a great move and with an album from the Advent in the pipeline there is much to look forward to with H Productions.

Vinyl and Digital out March 07 - 2011

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Joey Beltram "Great tracks. Will Support. 5/5!"
Carl Cox "Wow what a great E.P. Techno at it's very best, good work boys. It's in the box.."
Joseph Capriati "Pure bomb! Love this one... will support a lot! 5/5"
Len Faki "Nice mixture of techy and trancy elements, sure will work that well on the floor!"
KIMONO "Complex data! Now we´re talking techno ;) 5/5 Well done!!"
Orde Meikle "Cool label - more quality techno from masters - playing! 4/5"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Great Ep! 5/5 WOW!"
Cristian Varela "Vamosss!!!! 4/5!!!"
Stryke "Another great ep for H-Productions. Really glad to see The Advent teaming up w/ Industrialyzer! "Complex Data" is the biz!!!!"
Markantonio "Mamzing one full support"
Michel De Hey "Yes! Great groove in SCH EXP!"
Jesper Dahlback "Huge sound and great production as allways! 5/5!"
Karotte "Good one but a little bit too heavy for me."
Flavio Diaz "5/5 LOVE SCH EXP!"
Sasha Carassi "Complex Data for me!!! 5/5!!"
Mauro Picotto "Something different here, niiiccceeee!"
Umek "5/5 BIG! SCH EXP for me!"
Cari Lekebusch "Outtasight offcourse! 10/5"