2011 is set to be a big year for Cari Lekebusch"s H Productions label.
The imprint is redefining itself with a tight roster of some of techno"s classic names, producing forward thinking music and collaborating together to achieve their aims. The roll call for this new era includes The Advent, Alexi Delano, Cari Lekebusch, Jesper Dahlback, Joel Mull and the awesome Tony Rohr who appears here with his long awaited second album.

Brooklyn based Rohr has been a solid fixture on the international electronic music scene since the nineties, recording for labels such
as Drumcode, Plus 8 and of course H Productions. His music style has been described in the past as Voodoo Techno, though in reality his musical output has varied from tough tech house to rolling underground techno, always with an eye on quality.

For "Oddlantik Avenue" Rohr distils his years of experience as a DJ and producer to create a superb soundscape of percussive techno and machine music spread over ten tracks. From the opening robotic intro cut of "I Come in Piece(s)" through the glitchy trippiness of "Meta Tripping" and on to the rough old school stylings of "Mechazilla vs Mr Oddmatik" there is quality and depth here at every turn. Eerie cuts like "Dark Passenger" sit up against twisted techno killers such as "Eden Acid" and the off the wall "RZ-Fun" to provide a rounded insight into the sound of Tony Rohr in 2011.

This is an out and out techno album with no concession to anything that may dilute its electronic pedigree, however it displays a diversity within its own sonic walls that makes clear Tony Rohr is a producer with much to offer.

Vinyl, CD Compact Disc and Digital out FEB 2011

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Alexi Delano "Simply quality! Can't pick a fav."
Orde Meikle "Strong album - digging this label - will play a few of these - support!"
Gregor Tresher "Great album. Lots of tracks to play for me. Oddrangement & Disjointed my favorites. Support!"
Joseph Capriati "5/5. Love this new album from Tony! Big up!"
Mauro Picotto "So nice to see many of my favourites artist coming out with albums. Well done Mr. Rohr, cool tracks!"
Mihalis Safras "Nice tracks from Tony! Lovely!"
Pig And Dan "Fantastic A1 tunez!!!"
Karotte "Tony is back with a great album!!! Yes strike!!! Full support!!!"
Tim Xavier "5 stars! Zuper dank!"
Xpansul "Funky, twisted, trippy....... Always better and better. Heil Mr. T!!! Thx!!"
Dustin Zahn "Great album, Tony! Lots of great tracks here! There are actually too many good ones to list, but I look forward to playing them all! They have that signature T.R. Funk"
Cisco "The Advent" Ferreira "Nice & twisted release from NYC's bad ass Rhor // support!!"
D-Nox "Thats techno at its best. probably also the best i have heard of Tony. Just cool techno music here. 100% pure techno"
Flavio Diaz "Great album! Eden acid is amazing!! Love the oddity in dark passenger very awesome work by Tony!"
Stryke "Wicked 2nd album for Mr. Rohr. Really excited to support this and play out. "Eden Acid" is my fave here. Going to work really well for me."
Speedy J "Awesome album! Toneyyyyy!"
Joris Voorn "Come in pieces has some sweet robotics!"
Cari Lekebusch "OUTTASIGHT!!!!!!"
Jesper Dahlback "Thank you for some proper techno 2011! hard to pick a favorite here, all good music!"
Nima Khak "Amazing work by mr Rohr! This is an album that one will get back to over and over throughout the hole year... H-Productions really leads the way right now in the techno scene"
KIMONO "I have no words. This is totally what im looking for. Tony for president !!"