Cari Lekebusch & Jesper Dahlback - Hands On Experience - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX48]

Cari Lekebusch and Jesper Dahlback have been at the heart of electronic music for the last 2 decades and have been behind countless releases for some of the worlds leading techno imprints. For their latest collaborative work they have returned to the roots of techno, recordings four brand new tracks with a pair of classic Roland 808s and very little else.

The release features 2 tracks on the vinyl single, "Bellbottom" and "Rockers" plus 2 additional digital only tracks "Headbanging" and "Moodswing" for download.

All of the recordings are stripped and rhythmic with a definite old school flavor, yet there is also a beautiful warmth in the production and a sense that though recorded in a retrospective way this is the sound of now. The hypnotic groove of "Bellbottom" is mesmerizing, "Rockers" is a superb journey down a dark tech tunnel and "Headbanging" and "Moodswing" are both brilliant examples of how much can be done with some limited studio hardware.

Vinyl and Digital out JAN 24 - 2011

More about Cari & Jesper / H-Prod:

Steve Rachmad "Love this stuff!! Back to basics,very inspiring and nowadays very unique. This is gonna be played for sure!! Good stuff guys!!"
John Selway "Awesome! 4/5"
Cisco The Advent Ferreira "My fav is "Headbanging".. crazy ass track.. nice groove.. rinsing that 808 to the MAXX!!!"
Adam Beyer "FAT!"
Pig & Dan "Outstanding! 5/5"
Mauro Picotto "Experience matter, cool mixes 4/5"
Stephan Bodzin "Thanks for this simple statement guys. Full support of course!!! LOVE THIS RELEASE!"
Par Grindvik "Feeling and will play the all, awesome!"
Misstress Barbara "Really like Rockers and Moodswing. 4/5"
Laurent Garnier "Will play Rockers"
Joel Mull "Great drumtracks that are funky and will hypnotise the people. Lovely stuff! You guys are 808 masters."
Orde Meikle "All cool trax - playing - Thanx guys!"
Anton Pieete "Makes me very happy!!!!"
Stryke "Awesome analog! Loving this!!! And the artwork is my fave this year! This release is jackin!!!"
Mihalis Safras "Rockers is massive!"
Sasha Carassi "Amazing old school influences! Support!"
Gregor Tresher "Rockers & Headbangin for me! Will rock & headbang to this!"
Karotte "Bellbottom is the bomb. But rockers and headbanging are good too!!! Full support. Great release."
Nima Khak "Simply brilliant! this is truely what techno is all about."
Alan Fitzpatrick "Super cool beats from the boys!! 5/5"
Dubfire "Bellbottom 5/5"
Tim Xavier "Excellent release thanks!!! Esp Rockers :)"
Dustin Zahn "Fucking 808 jams. YES!"