H-Productions draws 2011 to a symmetrical close with Part 2 of the analogue-only production experiment between Cari Lekebusch and Jesper Dahlbäck. Having opened the years schedule with Part 1’s exploration into the creative capabilities of a pair of Roland 808’s, this time the pair focus on the Roland TR707 and TR727 drum machines; bunkering themselves away in Dahlbäck’s studio for a week-long session, pushing the combined output of the machines to their limits to create four eye-widening tracks.
This digital only release consists of Bongo Slush, an unashamedly old-school rhythm track complete with whistles and drum roll fills; Latinator, a pacey and pulsating ride through compressed sub-bass and echoing effects; 6 Bit Massacre is a sparse yet shimmering construction of percussion and spacey ascetics; and 1985 Again, that combines trippy, off-centre tones with crisp beats to create a wobbly, hypnotic and mechanical excursion through robot funk.

Out now!


Having made a debut on H-Productions back in March alongside regular studio partner, Industrialyzer, this latest three-track EP marks The Advent’s first solo work for the label; cementing an exciting partnership with Cari Lekebusch’s seminal imprint. A new school alliance of old school names that will see the release of The Advent’s tenth studio album in June 2012.

Title track, Higher Learning, sets the futuristic ‘sci-fi’ feel for this EP with its linear robotic groove, vocoder vocal stabs and high-end frequencies creating a synthetic soup of mechanical sounds, bleeps and squeaks.

Distract injects yet more textured layers to the release with a purposeful, percussive groove providing the foundation for bubbling melancholic melodies and drawn out harmonic yawns to craft a deep but driving feel.

The package culminates with Nexus 22; a fusion of unrelenting swinging rhythms and cinematic hooks that flip from sinister, otherworldly mood setting melodies to hauntingly shrill harmonics, floating throughout the mix.

Video filmed and edited by Mantis Oh, in INSILICO. Thank's to Skills Hak for the kind permission. http://insilico.gemini-cybernetics.net/

Vinyl and Digital out now


The Path Of Hybrid is a specially constructed three-disc compilation that has been designed to chart the musical history of Cari Lekebusch's H-Productions label.

Containing almost fifty tracks, the album blends re-mastered tracks from the label's deep catalogue with specially commissioned re-edits and remixes of classic Hybrid tracks and the pick of new music from the current H-Productions roster. The album is presented across two continuous DJ mixes, compèred by Alexi Delano (Past Mix) and Cari Lekebusch (Present Mix), plus a third unmixed disc containing previously unreleased tracks and remixes from the H-Productions vaults.

Vinyl and Digital out now


‘Missed Flight’ see’s two of Drumcode’s most prominent artists, Cari Lekebusch and Joseph Capriati, team up to deliver a four track EP of essential modern techno.

‘Missed Flight’ the track comes on like the perfect theme to the arrival of autumn. The tones are moody and the groove is linear, penetrating and eerily appointed. A Kubrick-esque breakdown of pulses and space is the only thing that breaks the momentum and adds a deliciously creepy characteristic to proceedings.

‘Napoli 4AM’, balances out its darker tinged predecessor with a shuffling 909 funk and playful groove combination that pairs up with subtly delayed hits deep FM synth work brilliantly.

The release features two digital only cuts that come from Lekebusch alone, ‘Entanglement’ and ‘Rockturner’, and they see the Swedish producers penchant for late night, woozy grooves that encapsulate the listener in varying ways. ‘Entanglement’ does the job with a brooding vibe while ‘Rockturner’ employs a more aggressive mood but both are fine examples of Lekebusch’s ability to create enthralling techno.

Vinyl and Digital out now



Alexi Delano and Cari Lekebusch - Off World Wonder - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX56]

Ahead of their forthcoming "Path Of Hybrid" compilation, Alexi Delano and Cari Lekebusch come together on this four-track collaboration EP. Constructed over countless remote studio sessions with Delano and Lekebusch swapping files across the Atlantic, the pair got to finish the project via a marathon three-day studio session in Stockholm. The result is a set of mood-soaked techno that reflects the personality of both artists

The 12” of the release opens up with Off World Wonder. Set to a steady marching rhythm, this deep and brooding trip through low bass tones and cut up chants fuses deep tribal flavors with spaciously epic atmospheres. On the flip side, Streams Of Dreams keeps things on the deep, rolling tip with a heavy, undulating sub-bass powering the groove while an infectious vocal refrain loops in the background. Seriously deep and sultry techno…

Two digital bonus tracks complete the EP. System Unlocked sees Alexi and Cari get in a more melodic mood; conjuring up a slow-burning groove of swaying rhythms and lush chords that amalgamate into a hypnotic mood-setter. Out Of Sight closes out the EP with a workout of punchy robotic funk and freaky harmonic organ riffs that makes for a robust but harmonic tool for adding colour and life to heads-down beat drive DJ sets.

Vinyl and Digital out now


ESD034 - Alan Fitzpatrick and Cari Lekebusch - First Times - 8 Sided Dice

Have you ever sat about playing 'Producer Top Trumps' and wondered what a particular studio combination would sound like? Well, here at 8 Sided Dice we don't like to waste our days wondering. We want to find out the facts. Consequently, when we dreamed up the idea of Alan Fitzpatrick going head-to-head in the studio with Cari Lekebusch we immediately packed Alan on a plane to Stockholm and told him to not come home until the matter was settled.

The result was 'First Times'. Unsurprisingly for a Fitzpatrick / Lekebusch production certain elements take care of themselves. Resounding beats, precisely crafted rhythms and a groove that will make the room move, never mind the people in it, are all supplied as standard but it is the giant-sized melodic moments where the pairs skills intertwine to give the most exciting results.

For the b-side, remix duties were handed over to 8 Sided Dice crew members, Rich Jones and Chris Colburn; who formed their own collaborative partnership to give 'First Times' a good old shake about to see where the pieces fell. The rearrangement moves the original into darker territory, toughening up the groove with metallic, choppy beats and freaking out the harmonic elements with off-kilter reverbs and echo effects.

ESD034 - Alan Fitzpatrick and Cari Lekebusch - First Times by Cari Lekebusch

Released Aug 01 - 2011

Tony Rohr - Oddlantik Avenue Remixes - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX55]

Having originally released Tony Rohr’s Oddlantik Avenue album back in February, Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions have done what they do best and clubbed together between their tight roster of like-minded artists to come up with a eye-widening selection of reworks for this remixes EP.

Left to their own devises to pick what tracks to remix, the individuals’ own tastes came to the fore. The Advent unsurprising opted for the twisted techno killer ‘Eden Acid’ while Cari Lekebusch jumped at reworking the crazily tripped out ‘RZ-Fun’. Alexi Delano’s low-slung mix of ‘Nightdrive’ is beautifully melancholic and Jesper Dahlback made Oddrangement into a disorientating soup of deeply intense moods and fizzing percussion.

Vinyl and Digital out now

Cari Lekebusch - Repetae Multi Volume 1 - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX54]

It has been a full twelve months since Cari Lekebusch appeared as a solo artist on his H-Productions label. Having filled that time focusing on a number of collaborative ventures with his peers and showcasing the work of the H-Production roster this come-back EP offers a supreme selection high impact techno.

"Repetae Multi Volume 1" is made of 5 brand new tracks from Cari Lekebusch, once again showcasing his outstanding production talents and his ear for floor shaking rolling techno. From the opening cut "Inambulatio" we are launched into a world of deep hypnotic grooves with a relentlessness that draws you in keep you hooked from beginning to end. "Tenacis" takes a slightly more glitchy approach, with tight percussion, bleeps and beeps riding over white noise sweeps and pulsing bass. "Animae Abludo" delves down a path of wonky rhythms and dark twists in a way that only Lekebusch can do. "Abadeaqua" heads straight for the floor with a some jacking drum programming and bass patterns that provide the perfect bed for the subtle spacy melodies. Finally we have "Obscurus Sanctus", a dark edged soundscape with an edgy but atmospheric intro vibe, quality stuff.

Vinyl and Digital July 04 - 2011

HPX54 - Cari Lekebusch - Repetae Multi Volume 1 by Cari Lekebusch

Stephan Bodzin "Tenacis!!! massive tune. full festival alert!"
Karotte "cari is on fire at the moment. abadeaqua and tenacis are the tracks for me. great."
Joseph Capriati "bomb ep, as always Cari gives us lot of great stuffs to play :)"
Alan Fitzpatrick "love the whole EP!"
Damir "excelent ep from cari as usual! will play for sure! "
Cristian Varela "oh yeah! Abadeaqua"
Abi Bah "What can i say. Cari is the King and this release proves it. 5 killer tracks in a row. Booom!"
Flavio Diaz "amazing 5 tracker! felt in love with animae abludo & tenacis!!"
Damon Wild "Great release! Full support .Like Tenacis the best."
KIMONO "Tenacis hit my heart !! HEll YEss !! 5/5"
Marko Nastic "support! 5/5"
Tim Xavier "I really like the step seq in Animae!!"
Markantonio "animae abludo is my fav forza Cari"
Stryke "wow. this has got to be some of my favourite stuff from cari in quite some time. loving the feel here! every track is just simply amazing!"
Patrick Siech "Great pack here, especially Tenacis and Abadeaqua, will play out and chart this month! Puss! "
Mauro Picotto "always big support for this master of productions"
Jesper Dahlback "cari is on fire! really well produced bangers, love it!"
Sasha Carassi "Top as always! Bravo Cari!"
Laurent Garnier "Great stuff -- Cari in full effect "
Orde Meikle "loving this label -will play thanks"
D-Nox "very swedish, cold dry techno. I pick Abadeaqua. Will play tonight and see how it works."



Octave One - Love and Hate (Cari Lekebusch's Hidden remix) - 430 West Records

Out now DIGI and Vinyl, on 430 West Records, a remix i did on Octave One's classic anthem "Love and Hate". This is the "Hidden remix" - a more subtle remix that camouflages the melodic parts into drums and percussive elements.

Also comming soon is the "Revealed remix" wich is crafted in a more orthodox way of remixing - watch this space ;) EZPZ // Cari

Find it at BEATPORT - and or your local Record shop

Check out the eminent Burden brothers:

  by Cari Lekebusch

Cari Lekebusch & Joel Mull - Afrormosia - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX53]

Cari Lekebusch looks to friend and fellow Swedish techno stalwart Joel Mull for the latest instalment in the unfolding story of H-Productions.

Lekebusch and Mull should need little or no introduction for most, both of them having spent the last two decades shaping the techno landscape with their recordings for labels such as Drumcode, Cocoon, Harthouse and of course H Productions.Their latest musical adventure is a four track EP featuring 2 collaborative works and a solo track each.

We open with "Afrormosia" and launch straight into the first of the two collaborations with a deep and rolling cut that draws on tight drums, stabs and vocal edits to create a superb heads down groove.

Next up Cari & Joel unleash "Mahogany", a pulsating slice of mesmerizing techno with a deep late night feel to it, pitch shifted vocals, relentless rides and the ever present throbbing bass make this an instant winner.

For the third cut Joel Mull takes the reins solo and delivers the excellent "Gmelina", this is a superb percussive workout with real intensity and shows off Mulls production talents to the full.

Finally Cari Lekebusch steps up alone and turns in "Obeche". Again this is a rolling and hypnotic cut that sits perfectly with the accompanying tracks and is certain to find favour with techno and tech house DJs across the board.

Vinyl and Digital June 02 - 2011

   HPX53 - Cari Lekebusch and Joel Mull - Afrormosia

Stephan Bodzin "5/5 i like all 4 tracks!"
Karotte "Great ep. All 4 tracks good full support!"
Anton Pieete "AFRORMOSIA!!!! Damn its gooooood"
Pig and Dan "AMAZING : ) ROARING"
Mihalis Safras "Massive record again! Those are my fav swedish producers!"
Dubfire "Thanks a lot. Good one!"
John Digweed "Good stuff!"
Joseph Capriati "great collab between Cari & Joel! full support."
Alan Fitzpatrick "great duo, full support! "
Adam Beyer "Full support for the homies. "
Abi Bah "Obeche blew my mind. Will play it. Pure prime time material:)"
Flavio Diaz "awesome cerebral sound trips! love mahogany! "
Phil Kieran "nice ep cheers !"
Gary Beck "nice one, cool tribal feel. I like obeche"
Paul Hamill / Psycatron "wicked ep guys!"
Alexi Delano "TOP NOTCH!! "
Nihad Tule "Obeche is my pick this time. Utzi! "
Nima Khak "What a package! Cari + Joel = Gold! 5/5"
Monika Kruse "dark , groovy , sexy . well done guys!"
Cisco "THE ADVENT" Ferreira  "Love the collabs.. more please!"
Tim Xavier "Number one rules: never leave negative feedback. I like Obeche, its the only one doing it for me :) thanks fellas!"
Markantonio "hey guys congratulations - I'll se you for a good pizza in napoli ciaoo"
Stryke "Solid production from 2 of my faves. "Gmelina" grooves and will be featured in my upcoming sets for sure!"
Mauro Picotto "Top quality sound as always from these 2 big guys "
Dustin Zahn "deep techno cuts from the techno soul and praying mantis!"
Jesper Dahlback "Obeche is my fav here! such nice package!"
Sasha Carassi "Superb as usual!"
Orde Meikle "Cool grooves - will play!"
D-Nox "Obeche & Gmelina for me, because they have the groove and some sort of story going on. the other two are a bit to flat for my taste. Will play Obeche as often as I can"



Jesper Dahlback - Thermal Voltage - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX52]

H Productions follow up outstanding recent singles from Alexi Delano and The Advent & Industrialyzer with a new EP from Swedish production don Jesper Dahlback.

For his latest musical outing Dahlback offers up 4 tracks of spacious, quality techno, kicking off with "Thermal Voltage", a stripped and intense cut with a big warehouse feel to it. Low end bass, relentless percussion and heavily reverbed stabs come together to create a sparse and edgy atmosphere on this excellent opener.

Next up we have "Transfer Function" which continues in a similarly stripped back vein, providing a superb deep and menacing vibe through a fusion of bass, discordant pads and FX, great stuff.

Penultimate track "Diode Ladder" takes an old school line with filtered percussion and a DX style bassline to create a hypnotic piece of techno that is sure to get any dancefloor stuck in the groove.

Finally we have "Transistor Buffer", a brooding and rolling slab of minimal techno (in the original sense) that builds into a powerful groove, providing a perfect final piece to the package.

Vinyl and Digital May 12 - 2011

Find all about Jesper Dahlback here:


Mihalis Safras "one of my fav swedish producers..support!"
Adam Beyer "super! 5/5"
Heiko Laux "Transfer Function is the bomb. Great ep;)"
Sasha Carassi "Another BOMB release! Big fan!"
Abi Bah "Wow! Jesper did it again. Transfer Function is my favourite, it sounds like a really big vodoo machine on steroids"
Cisco Ferreira "THE ADVENT" "deep & driving like a pimped out techno bitch.. 10/10"
Alexi Delano "BOMBS!!"
Gregor Tresher "Diode Ladder is the one for me, quality stuff as expected!"
Alan Fitzpatrick "great EP from jesper, loving it!"
Par Grindvik "solid release my fav is "diode ladder" thanks!"
Joseph Capriati "solid release! Transfer Function is my fav but i like all tracks."
Nihad Tule "Totally banging shit! Jesper is definitely back in form. Will play all four. Thanks!"
Karotte "thermal voltage is it!!! diode ladder is great!"
Cari Lekebusch "Its right middle centre of the H-PROD bulls-eye sound of 2011. Properly damaged! :D"
Stryke "wow!!! best of the batch this week! total wharehouse vibe. perfectly up my alley. will rock this TONIGHT. and i love the cover artwork ;)"
Nima Khak "Pure genius! Nobody does it better right now than mr Dahlbäck!"
Michel de Hey "love diode!"
Xpansul "BOMB BOMB BOMB!!! Support!!!"


Cari Lekebusch - Third Eye Vision - Mote Evolver (MOTE023)

Luke Slaters Mote-Evolver has been busy keeping the techno scene on its toes with a string of releases that have proven the credentials of the label and challenged the status quo.

High profile releases such as Planetary Assault Systems Deep Heet Vol. 2 and the Jerome Sydenham vs Function, James Ruskin and P.A.S. remixes of GT have set the benchmark for a release schedule that has seamlessly encompassed music from Slater and his peers as well as the best of new school producers like Samuli Kemppi, Lucy and Shifted who are evolving the techno sound for the next generation.

One such producer who could be attributed to either of these categories is Cari Lekebusch. Often credited with serving as inspiration to a generation of electronic music producers, the founder of H-Productions has earned a reputation as a diverse and evolutionary force within techno thanks to a steady stream of quality productions and so Mote-Evolver welcomes Cari back to the label for his second release with open arms.

Third Eye Vision, inspired by ideas of cerebral exploration, is one for the heads. Built around a building groove emitting a constant melodic hum; the effect is a disorientating hypnosis enhanced by psychedelic chimes and detuned reverbs.

Ana Kata, with its playful, off-centre styling, continues the EPs theme of other worldliness. Warm and enticing yet stark and challenging at times, the fusion of contrasting elements from both sides of the palette creates an alluring harmony.

Available as a bonus track on the digital release, Octave Mundi closes out the EP with an epic flourish. Part cinematic soundscape, part muscular rhythm track, the sonic alchemy at work creates a moment for the late hours; delivering in equal measures for the head and for the feet.

Vinyl and Digital out now (May 04 - 2011).


more info on Cari: http://www.carilekebusch.com

MOTE023 - Third Eye Vision by Cari Lekebusch


Christian Smith "Great release. Full support! 5/5"
Mihalis Safras "Loving Caris latest releases. Support!"
Paul Woolford "Cari always brings the machine funk"
Gary Beck "TEV is great! 5/5"
Adam Beyer "Full support for Cari!"
Jesper Dahlbäck "Gotta be the best lekebusch trax in a long while! Perfect tooly bangers! Awsome production!"
Alan Fitzpatrick "5/5 Amazing EP from cari! Will hammer!"
Joseph Capriati "Great package from Cari! Full support."
Tim Xavier "I like the title track a lot 4/5!"
Tiger Stripes "Another solid release from one of my fav labels! Go Sweden!"
Stuart McMillan (Slam) "Nice tracks will play! 4/5"
Phil Kieran "4/5 sweet sounds great , cheers !"
Jamie Bissmire "Yes please...all trax rocking ! Octave Mundi is sweet, be dropping this on the weekend ! Very nice"
Xpansul "Dope!! Support from me!"
Pig & Dan "Loving the whole release fat with a capital F!!"
Nuno dos Santos "Deep and haunting tracks here as only Cari can do it! Love it!"
Dustin Zahn "4/5 nice new ep from the praying mantis! I prefer the latter 2 cuts"
Damon Wild "great ep as expected from both a quality label and artist. Like them all!"
Mauro Picotto "Love third eye vision, cool track!"
Heiko Laux "4/5 Will play Ana Kata cheers!"
Karotte "Third eye vision is a good one for me. Will play it"
Paul Hamill/Psycatron "Another really strong release from ME."
Lance Blaise "4/5 Great tracks!"
Konrad Black "Deep and weird, I love it...thaks!"
Industrialyzer "4/5 great Release :)"
Orde Meikle "Another strong release - will play thanx!"
Bart Skils "5/5 very cool and functional ep..full support!!"



Videos from the 2 first H-PRODUCTIONS label events 2011. Created by Ryan Wheeler, co-ordinated by Rob Howarth & Jeremy Ford / BIGFOOT.

Fabric London: http://youtu.be/hBkqHS_8Em8?hd=1

Melkweg Amsterdam: http://youtu.be/J2dkRh5fHUw?hd=1

Alexi Delano - Color Clash 3 - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX51]

Cari Lekebusch's H-Productions welcome back longtime hybrid agent Alexi Delano for their latest offering.

Alexi's ‘Colorclash3’ EP kicks off with ‘In a Blue Mood’, a rolling and pulsating slice of techy excellence that draws on razor sharp drums and percussion, laying the base for hypnotic stabs and atmospheric FX. This is an subtle yet intense track that pushes all the right buttons and is certain to find it’s place in record boxes for months to come.

Next up we have ‘Moving Slowly’ which again journeys into the realms of deep, emotive techno. A simple yet incessant line runs through the track, giving it a heads down vibe before the edgy and dark top riff comes down bringing a twisted late night feel, class stuff.

Finally ‘Steep Steps’layers understated elements to provide a superb sonic tapestry of intertwining stabs, sweep and hits. This is perfect closing piece to a superb package from this outstanding Chilean born, Swedish raised & NYC based recordings artist.

Vinyl and Digital out April 04 - 2011


More about Alexi Delano:

Teaser video:

Laurent Garnier "4/5 very niiiiice indeed"
Stuart McMillan "4/5 All nice tracks although In a Blue mood tips it for me."
Orde Meikle "4/5 liking these - playing!"
Sasha Carassi "Class as ever! 5/5!"
Umek " 4/5 very good!"
Adam Beyer " 4/5 Cool trax!"
Cisco "The Advent" Ferreira "4/5 Moving Slowly!!"
Mauro Picotto "great label plus big artist can only be a super release, unique style love it"
Troy Pierce "moving slowly is excellent. other tracks aren't too bad either.. nice one."
Karotte "blue mood and moving slowly are great. Full support for Alexi"
Stephan Bodzin "love steep steps! great piece of techno!"
Gregor Tresher "Great package, I like both blue mood and moving slowly. Will definitely play."
Luciano "love it!"
Stryke "Alexi brings it once again. 3 great tracks here. love the mood. "moving slowly" is my fave here. will definitely rock all 3 though. This is going to be a great year for Alexi!!!"
Tim Xavier "I really like moving slowly....some of the tunes are a bit high-hat intensive...but what ever, it's Alexi music, I'll playing without thinking twice...Vielen Dank!"
Alan Fitzpatrick "4/5 great EP, blue mood is my pick!"
Secret Cinema "Steep Steps is the one for me"
Danny Howells "Cool stuff, will play!!!"
Markantonio "nice rec we do full support for alexi!"
Joseph Capriati "great release from Alexi! full support."
Flavio Diaz "5/5 Pure H:production Style! LOVE IT!!"
Davide Squillace "4/5 Support !"
Camea "love moving slowly ! will defiitely play xx"
Nihad Tule "Loving Steep Steps! Reminds me a bit of old hybrid/djupt stuff. Thanks!"
Jesper Dahlback "Futuristic electronic dancemusic for the next millenium! 5/5 top stuff!"
KIMONO "5/5 Great work by Alexi, he really managed to print the real Hybrid feeling in this one !! RIIIIZPEQT"



Come join Cari Lekebusch, Alexi Delano and The Advent at Fabric London March 19 - 2011.

If you want to join the fun at Fabric London on Saturday, send your full name to guestlist@wearebigfoot.com for £10 Concession Guest List - Check out competition, dj mix and Advent special chart below;


Alexi Delano DJ Mix:

The Advent Chart:

The Advent & Industrialyzer - SCH EXP - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX50]

Cari Lekebusch’s H-PRODUCTIONS imprint teams up with the heavyweight duo of The Advent & Industrialyzer for a brand new single of floorfilling atmospheric techno…

H Productions continue their musical journey with the signing of a brand new single from The Advent and Industrialyzer. The Advent, for those who don’t know, is Cisco Ferreira, a central figure in Techno for the last 20 years whose seminal recordings for the legendary Internal label led to his becoming a household name (for any lover of techno at least). Ferreira is also the man behind the much lauded Kombination Research label which has acted as a fitting vehicle for Advent over the last 13 years. Industrialyzer is the pseudonym of one Ricardo Rodrigues, the Lisbon born and Dutch based producer behind the CodeWorks label, he has had success with a string of solo releases and has worked alongside Ferreira previously on a host of collaborative singles.

For their latest outing Ferreira and Rodrigues have delivered new original new recordings in the form of ‘SCH EXP’ and ‘Complex Data’. The release kicks off with the former of the 2, a bumping, off beat bass driven cut that delves into energy fuelled melodic territory to great effect. Twisted and heavily effected argeppiated riffs layer over rolling drums and white noise sweeps to create a dense, dancefloor atmosphere with a classic old school techno feel.

On the flipside the duo take things into the realms of darker and tougher techno, with the intense and industrial ‘Complex Data’. This is dark edged machine music with a taught, menacing air about it and a brilliant heads down vibe. Superbly produced and perfectly delivered, this is a great slice of techno from these two outstanding producers.

The addition of The Advent and Industrialyzer to the H Productions roster is certainly a great move and with an album from the Advent in the pipeline there is much to look forward to with H Productions.

Vinyl and Digital out March 07 - 2011


More about The Advent & Industrialyzer:


Joey Beltram "Great tracks. Will Support. 5/5!"
Carl Cox "Wow what a great E.P. Techno at it's very best, good work boys. It's in the box.."
Joseph Capriati "Pure bomb! Love this one... will support a lot! 5/5"
Len Faki "Nice mixture of techy and trancy elements, sure will work that well on the floor!"
KIMONO "Complex data! Now we´re talking techno ;) 5/5 Well done!!"
Orde Meikle "Cool label - more quality techno from masters - playing! 4/5"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Great Ep! 5/5 WOW!"
Cristian Varela "Vamosss!!!! 4/5!!!"
Stryke "Another great ep for H-Productions. Really glad to see The Advent teaming up w/ Industrialyzer! "Complex Data" is the biz!!!!"
Markantonio "Mamzing one full support"
Michel De Hey "Yes! Great groove in SCH EXP!"
Jesper Dahlback "Huge sound and great production as allways! 5/5!"
Karotte "Good one but a little bit too heavy for me."
Flavio Diaz "5/5 LOVE SCH EXP!"
Sasha Carassi "Complex Data for me!!! 5/5!!"
Mauro Picotto "Something different here, niiiccceeee!"
Umek "5/5 BIG! SCH EXP for me!"
Cari Lekebusch "Outtasight offcourse! 10/5"


H-PRODUCTIONS party Stockholm 26 Feb 2011

H-PRODUCTIONS special label event at Clustret Stockholm 26 Feb 2011. With Cari Lekebusch, Jesper Dahlbäck, KIMONO, Abi Bah.



2011 is set to be a big year for Cari Lekebusch"s H Productions label.
The imprint is redefining itself with a tight roster of some of techno"s classic names, producing forward thinking music and collaborating together to achieve their aims. The roll call for this new era includes The Advent, Alexi Delano, Cari Lekebusch, Jesper Dahlback, Joel Mull and the awesome Tony Rohr who appears here with his long awaited second album.

Brooklyn based Rohr has been a solid fixture on the international electronic music scene since the nineties, recording for labels such
as Drumcode, Plus 8 and of course H Productions. His music style has been described in the past as Voodoo Techno, though in reality his musical output has varied from tough tech house to rolling underground techno, always with an eye on quality.

For "Oddlantik Avenue" Rohr distils his years of experience as a DJ and producer to create a superb soundscape of percussive techno and machine music spread over ten tracks. From the opening robotic intro cut of "I Come in Piece(s)" through the glitchy trippiness of "Meta Tripping" and on to the rough old school stylings of "Mechazilla vs Mr Oddmatik" there is quality and depth here at every turn. Eerie cuts like "Dark Passenger" sit up against twisted techno killers such as "Eden Acid" and the off the wall "RZ-Fun" to provide a rounded insight into the sound of Tony Rohr in 2011.

This is an out and out techno album with no concession to anything that may dilute its electronic pedigree, however it displays a diversity within its own sonic walls that makes clear Tony Rohr is a producer with much to offer.

Vinyl, CD Compact Disc and Digital out FEB 2011


More about Tony Rohr / H-Prod:



Alexi Delano "Simply quality! Can't pick a fav."
Orde Meikle "Strong album - digging this label - will play a few of these - support!"
Gregor Tresher "Great album. Lots of tracks to play for me. Oddrangement & Disjointed my favorites. Support!"
Joseph Capriati "5/5. Love this new album from Tony! Big up!"
Mauro Picotto "So nice to see many of my favourites artist coming out with albums. Well done Mr. Rohr, cool tracks!"
Mihalis Safras "Nice tracks from Tony! Lovely!"
Pig And Dan "Fantastic A1 tunez!!!"
Karotte "Tony is back with a great album!!! Yes strike!!! Full support!!!"
Tim Xavier "5 stars! Zuper dank!"
Xpansul "Funky, twisted, trippy....... Always better and better. Heil Mr. T!!! Thx!!"
Dustin Zahn "Great album, Tony! Lots of great tracks here! There are actually too many good ones to list, but I look forward to playing them all! They have that signature T.R. Funk"
Cisco "The Advent" Ferreira "Nice & twisted release from NYC's bad ass Rhor // support!!"
D-Nox "Thats techno at its best. probably also the best i have heard of Tony. Just cool techno music here. 100% pure techno"
Flavio Diaz "Great album! Eden acid is amazing!! Love the oddity in dark passenger very awesome work by Tony!"
Stryke "Wicked 2nd album for Mr. Rohr. Really excited to support this and play out. "Eden Acid" is my fave here. Going to work really well for me."
Speedy J "Awesome album! Toneyyyyy!"
Joris Voorn "Come in pieces has some sweet robotics!"
Cari Lekebusch "OUTTASIGHT!!!!!!"
Jesper Dahlback "Thank you for some proper techno 2011! hard to pick a favorite here, all good music!"
Nima Khak "Amazing work by mr Rohr! This is an album that one will get back to over and over throughout the hole year... H-Productions really leads the way right now in the techno scene"
KIMONO "I have no words. This is totally what im looking for. Tony for president !!"


Cari Lekebusch remix / Jean-Louis Huhta / House Of Correction [ISLR009]

Jean-Louis Huhtas / House Of Corrections (ISLR009). Cari Lekebusch remix on Jesper Dahlbacks label; International Sound Laboratory. Proper Dungeon Acid styles!


Paco Osuna: very nice ep, will play ;)
Mateo Murphy: Brilliant, loving every track!
Ida Engberg: House of Correction is my favourite, both the original and Caris remix are amazing! Full support!
Thomilla: bound to please is my fav - top! full support
Samuel L Session: good stuff! very very underground and oldschool
Stel: Top drawer stuff, guys. Fantastic Stuff!
Electronation: What a great release!!!
Franco Bianco: Ufff.... this label never dissapoint me in ANY way... This release is PURE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!! Totally outstanding!!!!
Pär Grindvik: feeling them all! eternal is just brilliant! grymt!
Adam Beyer: Full support like always. quality.
Thomas Schumacher: Bound To Please is right up my alley!
Dustin Zahn: "Everything is alive. This is reality. I wish you could see it. I wish I could talk in technicolor." 10/10
Phil Kieran: my kind of thing , cool thanks for these !
Alan Fitzpatrick: Outstanding release, full support!
Excess Agency, Raphael Dincsoy, Partysan: Amazing stuff!!! Great Ep. Full support. Can t wait to play loud...
Tomas Andersson: det här var fint. gillar speciellt House of Correction och Eternal. Besatt musik!
Tuomas Salmela / Phonogenic: house of correction is soooo good. love love love. great release!
Patrick Lindsey: awesome EP.. will play all! :=)
Paul Brtschitsch: yeah malmoe! wish i had been there...very trippy
Joel Mull: Top Quality Techno Music. All tracks has their own Glow! Full Support!
Joseph Capriati: very strong ep! full support.
Dub Dummies: This EP is fantastic, and the way it was made too, hard to pick a track as hard to find something similar... thanks!
Tony Rohr: This is crrrrrrazy trippy. I'm gonna play the snot outta this. The original
Terence Fixmer: great remix from cari, really nice release....this is the kind of track i will play for sure.
Alexi Delano: I am a big fan! Great E.P.
Bacid: Sublime and funky...The Stockholm sound is back with a vengaence! Will play and support!
Mike Mind: Wow. I didn't think records like this happened anymore. This is the real thing.
Ben Sims: "eternal" definately my fave. one for the acid house sets, very trippy, makes me think of strobe lights ;-)


H-PRODUCTIONS Label event @ Melkweg 28 Jan 2011

Special H-PRODUCTIONS label event at Melkweg Amsterdam, January 28, 2011. With Luke Slater, Cari Lekebusch, Tony Rohr and special guest Anton Pieete.

Watch our space for upcoming H-Prod events in your city :)


Cari Lekebusch & Jesper Dahlback - Hands On Experience - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX48]

Cari Lekebusch and Jesper Dahlback have been at the heart of electronic music for the last 2 decades and have been behind countless releases for some of the worlds leading techno imprints. For their latest collaborative work they have returned to the roots of techno, recordings four brand new tracks with a pair of classic Roland 808s and very little else.

The release features 2 tracks on the vinyl single, "Bellbottom" and "Rockers" plus 2 additional digital only tracks "Headbanging" and "Moodswing" for download.

All of the recordings are stripped and rhythmic with a definite old school flavor, yet there is also a beautiful warmth in the production and a sense that though recorded in a retrospective way this is the sound of now. The hypnotic groove of "Bellbottom" is mesmerizing, "Rockers" is a superb journey down a dark tech tunnel and "Headbanging" and "Moodswing" are both brilliant examples of how much can be done with some limited studio hardware.

Vinyl and Digital out JAN 24 - 2011


More about Cari & Jesper / H-Prod:

Steve Rachmad "Love this stuff!! Back to basics,very inspiring and nowadays very unique. This is gonna be played for sure!! Good stuff guys!!"
John Selway "Awesome! 4/5"
Cisco The Advent Ferreira "My fav is "Headbanging".. crazy ass track.. nice groove.. rinsing that 808 to the MAXX!!!"
Adam Beyer "FAT!"
Pig & Dan "Outstanding! 5/5"
Mauro Picotto "Experience matter, cool mixes 4/5"
Stephan Bodzin "Thanks for this simple statement guys. Full support of course!!! LOVE THIS RELEASE!"
Par Grindvik "Feeling and will play the all, awesome!"
Misstress Barbara "Really like Rockers and Moodswing. 4/5"
Laurent Garnier "Will play Rockers"
Joel Mull "Great drumtracks that are funky and will hypnotise the people. Lovely stuff! You guys are 808 masters."
Orde Meikle "All cool trax - playing - Thanx guys!"
Anton Pieete "Makes me very happy!!!!"
Stryke "Awesome analog! Loving this!!! And the artwork is my fave this year! This release is jackin!!!"
Mihalis Safras "Rockers is massive!"
Sasha Carassi "Amazing old school influences! Support!"
Gregor Tresher "Rockers & Headbangin for me! Will rock & headbang to this!"
Karotte "Bellbottom is the bomb. But rockers and headbanging are good too!!! Full support. Great release."
Nima Khak "Simply brilliant! this is truely what techno is all about."
Alan Fitzpatrick "Super cool beats from the boys!! 5/5"
Dubfire "Bellbottom 5/5"
Tim Xavier "Excellent release thanks!!! Esp Rockers :)"
Dustin Zahn "Fucking 808 jams. YES!"


Cari Lekebusch - SOTA Island Quest video

Album release event for Cari Lekebusch's - State Of The Art, H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX44]. Video fotage is from the Island quest in Secondlife summer 2010.

Cari Lekebusch @ Awakenings (31 Dec. 2010)

Live recording from the Awakenings New Years event in Rotterdam 31 December 2010

 Cari Lekebusch @ Soundcloud.com