Tony Rohr - Verb Is The Word - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX47]

Tony Rohr is one of New Yorks most prolific and interesting techno artists, earning his place in electronic musics upper echelons with his superb releases for labels such as Drumcode and Plus 8.

In the run up to his album release on H-Productions, Rohr is set to drop his superb Verb Is The Word EP. Lead track "Oddmekanix" kicks of with the EP; a tight rolling slice of bass driven techno thats built around taut, filtered drums and intense repetitive stabs, quality stuff, simply arrange and perfectly executed.

The flipside, "Sleestak", see Rohr move into deeper territory with a brilliant slab of shuffling, percussive techno that shows that minimal elements dont have to mean textbook minimal. This is a wonderfully sparse yet engaging work that gets you hooked with subtly applied sounds and layers, pure class.

Vinyl and Digital out NOV 22 - 2010

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Cisco "The Advent" Ferreira "Oddmekanix is my Fav, nice work Tony!!"
Orde Meikle "Cool and dark! Playing!"
Mauro Picotto "Download it, will play it, yesss!!"
Paco Osuna  "I love TONY stuff total support!"
Stephan Bodzin "Both tracks are in my crate. Wonderfull this Mr Rohr is doin his very own Techno on and on. Just love it!
Alan Fitzpatrick "Sounds nice, will support for sure!"
Stryke  "Allways loved Tony's sound. No exception here. Great dancefloor stuff!"
Joseph Capriati "Oddmekanix is my fav from the package!"
Nima Khak "HPX delivers as allways! Love Oddmekanix!!"
Technasia "Oddmekanix is the one for me. Thanks!"
Karotte "Sleestak is the one for me"
Mihalis Safras "Lovely!"
Chris Liebing "4 out of 5!"
KIMONO "OddMekanix is very tasty. I like the drive that it has and i will play it asap. 5/5"
Cari Lekebusch "Dude's awesome lean, mean and green! And will eat your brains out! LOL"
Markantonio "Oddmekanix for me!"