Jesper Dahlback - MOGGL - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX45]

Cari Lekebusch s H Productions imprint has been going into overdrive recently with a string of superb releases from the likes of Alexi Delano and Xpansul and label boss Lekebusch, now the label ties up with fellow Swedish techno hero Jesper Dahlback for a brand new single featuring three original tracks.

This new single kicks of with the epic Cvan, a tough and taut techno workout that rides a linear path of distorted bass hits, kick drums and phased percussion. Simply arranged but highly effective this is a journey into the underground sound of Stockholm and shows that Dahlback s production skills are as sharp as ever.

Next up we have Cripx, a deeper, brooding affair that travels into the realms of hypnotic twisted techno with muted dark sirens, edgy synth stabs and a rolling undercarriage of subtle keys, bass and percussion. This is a classic techno production from one of the scene s finest proponents.

Finally we have the digital exclusive cut Moggl providing another extended journey into the outer reaches of technological electronica. Shuffling hats and a solid kick drum rub against dark bass and staccato white noise to produce a mind melting slice of techno excellence to the fore, class stuff.

Vinyl and Digital out 23rd of August 2010

Find all about Jesper Dahlback here:

Video teaser/trailer:

Stryke "Very rarely do i give a full 5 star review...but this has got to be one of my fave records of the year. this ep is just perfect! "Cyan" will be charted #1 on my next chart!"
Joel Mull "Wow!! CRIPX is the hottest track of the moment!!! This will be my weapon of choice. MOGGL is so Funky. Great stuff from DAHLBACK - Lets go >>>"
Len Faki "Superb release from jesper! Love as most cvan and cripx"
Adam Beyer "Full support for Jesper the mad professor!"
Orde Meikle "Great producer - support and playing!"
Karotte "cvan & cripx are great. Perfect technotracks for me. Full support"
Reset Robot "Like the vibe on moggl! Great stuff"
Par Grindvik "Been playing all three of them for a while! Huge release! "cvan" is my favorite. Thanks!"
Tom Hades "Loving Moggl! Thanks !"
Luke Slater "cvan - an interesting twitch.thanks!"
Cari Lekebusch "OUT OF RANGE! +++ LOL"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Massive weird as fuckness - Ha! Love it!"
Dustin Zahn "Raw and slutty"
Steve Rachmad "Very cool EP! All 3 tracks are cool!"
Stephan Bodzin "This guy´s just mad... CVAN!!!!"
KIMONO "OMG! This is with out doubt the best release this year!! I will play all tracks not only this year out but the next as well !!"
Joseph Capriati "Great release! Cripx is my favourite,will play it for sure!"
Gregor Tresher "Cvan sounds big!"
Flavio Diaz "I like the self-expression of Jesper in these 3 trax full support!"
Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck "3 techno bombs!! Rock on jesper!!!"
Gary Beck "cvan is wicked thanks!"
Pig and Dan "Cripx is sick OK its all outstanding but thats the most playable track for me."
Mihalis Safras "Classic synth power on the cripx..will deff gonna ply that out! loving it!"
John Selway "Mental swinging and jacking, raw stuff."
Markantonio "Nice one! cvan is my fave hug"
Jesper Dahlback "Thanks for all the great feedback! *waves =D"