Cari Lekebusch - State Of The Art (Album) - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX44]

His prolific output has seen Lekebusch release a string of albums and mix compilations over the years, receiving critical acclaim for his work to date. His latest foray into the world of the long player sees this experienced artist pull out all the stops and deliver a stunning body of work that makes up "State of the Art". From the atmospherics of the opening title track its clear that this album is here to grab your attention. There is a depth of character in these recordings thats cemented by Lekebuschs flawless production skills, be it the stripped minimalism of "Abomination", the bass and synth driven intensity of "Saw Tooth" or the ethereal vocal led "Rising Star", they all deliver perfectly, providing snapshots into the sonic sound of this supreme producer.

Highlights are hard to pick on such a consistently good album, but the rolling old school techno of "Simplicity" is certainly worth noting for his heads down hypnotic quality that has one instantly hooked. Likewise the closing cut "Art of Technology" is worth a mention for its dark and spacious sound driven out of a marriage of sci-fi ambience and electro tinged percussive elements. However there really is not a bad track here, with each piece bring new elements to the fore and further displaying Lekebuschs studio mastery.

Vinyl, CD and Digital out 5th of July 2010

Special album release events in Second Life (02-12th July 2010)
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View the 2 EPs that are part of the Album here:
Cari Lekebusch - Macabre / Goth Night - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX41]
Cari Lekebusch - Bodysnatcher / Shivering - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX42]


Stuart McMillan "Will play loads of these tracks! Fave is State Of The Art"
Bart Skils "Timeless sounds from Cari! I love it, especially Wickeded!"
Adam Beyer "Full support for my boy Cari....allways and forever and ever!"
Joseph Capriati "Awe album, one of my favourite and respected artists ever, there isn't a my set without one of his track! Respect!"
Orde Meikle "Another great release - on a hot label - Support for sure"
Joel Mull "Aentligen!! Full support from Me!!! Hard to pick a favourite. So many good tracks on this one."
Monika Kruse "Well done Cari ! Full support !"
Marco Bailey "Great Mr Lekebush as always !;-)"
Michel De Hey "He saved his best for this excllent album, great grooves, great twists, two songs .. love it!"
Karotte "Saw Tooth is the one for me! The rest from the album is great too but not exactly what i like to play."
Mihalis Safras "Very nice tunes by Cari! Wird gespielt!


Cari Lekebusch - State Of The Art - Album release events in Second Life

H-PRODUCTIONS presents Friday 9th and Sunday 11th july 2010 10pmCET/1pmSLT

******* STATE OF THE ART *******
Official album release party in Second Life part 1 and 2 with Swedish H-Prod artists. At the occasion of Cari Lekebusch new album "State of the Art", two exceptional parties will take place in the virtual world of Second Life. This event will be the world premiere of H-Productions artists from real life Kimono and Jesper Dahlback. It will also be the occasion of the shooting of a video for H-Productions. So take your chance to step into the future and come discover the best of Swedish Techno inworld...

Friday 9th July 10pm CET/1pm SLT:


Sunday 11th July 10pm CET/1pm SLT:


Dresscode: Spooky, all white or all black
Info: Major video recording during events. Hosts, dancers and ghoulish presence.

Location: Second Life South Purden

The SIM will be opened the 2nd-12th July for you to discover the Hybrid Productions universe of State of the Art. There will also be contests, secrets and treasure hunts on this extraordinary sinister and beautyful Island built by Hern Worsley of AVZ. Welcome to the world of Hybrid Productions, and be part in the creation of several videos and visuals.

Contact: Morgan Kincess in SL or Facebook

View the 2 EPs that are part of the Album here:
Cari Lekebusch - Macabre / Goth Night - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX41]
Cari Lekebusch - Bodysnatcher / Shivering - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX42]

and the Album here:
Cari Lekebusch - State Of The Art - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX44]


Alexi Delano & Xpansul - In A Hybrid World EP [HPX43]

The prolific and talented Alexi Delano teams up once again with familiar studio partner Xpansul for a brand new single on Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions label. The single kicks off with the title track "Linked" and immediately launches into the Techno / House fusion sound that defines this duo’s work. Deep, spacious and mesmerizing, the track uses simple tape delayed key stabs, understated drums and subtle ambient layers to create a superb rich groove that draws you in and keeps you locked til the final bar, pure class.

The second of this audio triumvirate comes in the shape of "The Runner", a relentless and rollin slice of techy excellence continues the hypnotic, deep vibe set down by the opening track. Uncomplicated and perfectly delivered this is another prime example of superbly restrained production leading to a record that is much more than the sum of its parts.

Finally we have "The H World", a dubby journey into exquisite bass driven techno that sees minimal layers woven into an aural soundscape that is sure to find its place on the afterhours dancefloors of the world. This single is nothing less than you would expect from this talented and experienced duo and is another highlight from the ever impressive H-Productions ...

Vinyl and Digital out 21th of June 2010

Cari Lekebusch "Bretheren and Sisteren this is untouchable deep pumping soulfilled Technocracy! Get on this right away por favor =D"
Joel Mull "Linked is Great!!! Proud of my mates. Full support - HYBRID Rocks!"
Tom Hades "Love the release! Thanks! Supporting! Fave is The H World"
Joseph Capriati "Great release, quality sound as always! Alexi & Santi on H-Prod.... BOMB!"
Mistress Barbara "Really liked Linked. Full support!"
KIMONO "This duo just makes it every time!! Love this EP & the darkness of The H World"
Flavio Diaz "Loving The Runner!! Many thanks"
2000 and One "Great Tunes! Fave is Linked"
Markantonio "Full support - huge release! Fave is The Runner"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Great release, cool vibes! Fave is Linked"
Pfirter "Very cool release, like all the 3 tracks! Fave is Linked"
Konrad Black "Slick as fuck! Fave is Linked"
Orde Meikle "Smooth grooves! - playing these! Fave is The Runner"
Stuart McMillan "I liked Linked alot!"
Karotte "The Runner is the one for me!"
John Digweed "Good stuff! Fave is The H World"