Cari Lekebusch - Bodysnatcher / Shivering - H-Productions [HPX42]

H-Production's has cultivated a reputation over the last two decades for consistently delivering cutting edge material across a diverse range of styles.

The titling for the second single taken from Cari Lekebusch's forthcoming album State Of The Art, continues in the horror tinged theme opening with the epic ‘Bodysnatcher’, a nine and a half minute odyssey into the outer realms of rolling, glitchy techno. Tight percussion and deep end bass set the tone for a fervent mix of resonant and modulated riffs and FX, exquisitely produced and deftly mixed this is another great example of Lekebusch at his best.

The flipside of this release brings us the excellent ‘Shivering’, a heady blend of oscillating bass and relentless synth lines over minimal drum patterns that has you hooked from the off. This is a big record that is bound to find favour with techno jocks and house Djs alike with it’s perfect balance of dark and light.

Vinyl and Digital out 30th of May 2010

Nihad Tule "I Love it! Cari on TOP!"
Tom Hades "Cari did it again. Really good release! Playing the Macabre all the time at the moment!! :)
Karotte "Shivering is the one for me."
Adam Beyer "Full support for Cari....allways!"
Joseph Capriati "Loving this one, thanks!"
John Digweed "Good stuff."
Len Faki "Unique and very subtil track - support!"
D-Nox "Shivering i like, nice ride! Bodysnatcher was boring at its first listen."
Orde Meikle "Nice and dark - cool release - playing!"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Niiiice! shivering wil be huge for me!"
Reset Robot "Shivering sounds nice. Great vibe! thanks!"
Flavio Diaz "I like Shivering a lot, works great!"
Heiko Laux "I like both trax. Will play!"
Marco Bailey "Cool - Full support everything from Cari!"
Luke Slater "Tripped out on bodysnatcher"
Jesper Dahlback "The body snatcher got me! Grooves and grooves and keeps on groovin!"
Pig and Dan "Dirty Bitch tunes! =)"
Monika Kruse "Both tracks are good.. but I go more for the deeper Shivering"
Konrad Black "Creepy favorite. Both tracks are bomb."
Stryke "Hell yes. Cari is in fine fine form! Both tracks rock hard. Love it! Can't wait for the full album!"
KIMONO "Shivering is the one for me - and will be played the whole summer!"
Mihalis Safras "Top notch! Will play!"
Markantonio "Will play Bodysnatcher"
Paco Osuna "Cool! Thanks."