Cari Lekebusch - S.O.T.A release party Video

Album release event for Cari Lekebusch's - State Of The Art, H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX44]. Video fotage is from the releaseparty in Secondlife summer 2010.

Mauro Picotto - Cold Blood - Cari Lekebusch Remixes

Out on Alchemy Records, incl remixes by Cari Lekebusch, Umek, Gennaro Le Fosse, Lauhaus, Lutzenkirchen, Reset Robot, Emanuele Inglese

incl remixes by UMEK, Gennaro Le Fosse, Lauhaus, Lutzenkirchen, Reset Robot, Emanuele Inglese

Tony Rohr - Verb Is The Word - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX47]

Tony Rohr is one of New Yorks most prolific and interesting techno artists, earning his place in electronic musics upper echelons with his superb releases for labels such as Drumcode and Plus 8.

In the run up to his album release on H-Productions, Rohr is set to drop his superb Verb Is The Word EP. Lead track "Oddmekanix" kicks of with the EP; a tight rolling slice of bass driven techno thats built around taut, filtered drums and intense repetitive stabs, quality stuff, simply arrange and perfectly executed.

The flipside, "Sleestak", see Rohr move into deeper territory with a brilliant slab of shuffling, percussive techno that shows that minimal elements dont have to mean textbook minimal. This is a wonderfully sparse yet engaging work that gets you hooked with subtly applied sounds and layers, pure class.

Vinyl and Digital out NOV 22 - 2010

Find all about Tony Rohr:

Cisco "The Advent" Ferreira "Oddmekanix is my Fav, nice work Tony!!"
Orde Meikle "Cool and dark! Playing!"
Mauro Picotto "Download it, will play it, yesss!!"
Paco Osuna  "I love TONY stuff total support!"
Stephan Bodzin "Both tracks are in my crate. Wonderfull this Mr Rohr is doin his very own Techno on and on. Just love it!
Alan Fitzpatrick "Sounds nice, will support for sure!"
Stryke  "Allways loved Tony's sound. No exception here. Great dancefloor stuff!"
Joseph Capriati "Oddmekanix is my fav from the package!"
Nima Khak "HPX delivers as allways! Love Oddmekanix!!"
Technasia "Oddmekanix is the one for me. Thanks!"
Karotte "Sleestak is the one for me"
Mihalis Safras "Lovely!"
Chris Liebing "4 out of 5!"
KIMONO "OddMekanix is very tasty. I like the drive that it has and i will play it asap. 5/5"
Cari Lekebusch "Dude's awesome lean, mean and green! And will eat your brains out! LOL"
Markantonio "Oddmekanix for me!"


Cari Lekebusch & Adam Beyer sounds included in the new Reason 5

The brand new Reason 5 from Swedish Propellerheads is out now, containing drumsounds, loops and patches from Cari Lekebusch and Adam Beyer.

Reason is a virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into music.

With its generous sound bank and intuitive flow, Reason helps you along in creative process, and is the music software that never gets in your way.

CLR Podcast x 2 - by Cari Lekebusch (CLRSR086)

Low and behold! New 2 x 60 min special exclusive dj set by Cari on CLR podcast.

Cari Lekebusch @ Concept Rotterdam (30 Oct. 2010)

Cari Lekebusch @ Concept, Rotterdam
30 October 2010


Drumcode in Japan (22-23 Oct. 2010)

Drumcode Nights in Japan

22 October 2010 @ Triangle, Osaka
23 October 2010 @ Ageha, Tokyo

Drumcode vs Ovum @ ADE (20 Oct. 2010)

Drumcode vs Ovum @ Amsterdam Dance Event
WED 20 October 2010 @ Air
The Netherlands

Adam Beyer, Josh Wink, Shlomi Aber, Cari Lekebusch, Djulz, Ida Engberg, Kink, Alan Fitzpatrick, Terry Toner

Cari Lekebusch @ Tanz Der Familie (13 Nov. 2010)

Cari Lekebusch @ Palazzo / Tanz Der familie
SAT 13 November 2010
Alte Lokal Halle / Mainz / Germany

Laserkraft 3D, Eric Sneo, Sasha Krohn, Andy Dux

Note: Location has changed from Palazzo to Alte Lokal Halle in Mainz

Nima Khak - Peppercorn - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX46]

H-Productions has had a slew of superb releases over the last few months, putting out uncompromising cuts from the likes of Jesper Dahlback, Alexi Delano & Xpansul and of course Cari Lekebusch himself. Nima Khak is a producer very much in his ascendancy, generating a unique sound that is perfect for H-Productions and this first release Khak/H-Productions release certainly sets a standard for future output.

The single kicks off with "Peppercorn", a tough and intense slice of loopy techno that is driven along by a rolling bassline and insistent percussive elements. Dark and edgy synth stabs add a further level of fervency whilst subtle discordant background loops create an engaging and powerful atmosphere.

The flipside comes in the form of "Grind it Down" another nine minute plus epic built around a floorshaking bassline and inexorable drum patterns. Dark and ethereal vocal snippets, acidic synth loops and an attention grabbing drop add up to make this a full bore audio experience that is certain to tear up clubs, fields and warehouses wherever it is dropped!

Vinyl and Digital out SEP 27 2010

Find all about Nima Khak:

Cisco Ferreira "Very good new talent from SWE. Cari spots the best from Sweden, from Joel Mull to Adam Beyer. Hope Nima blows up! 10/10!"
Mauro Picotto "Will play it this weekend, wicked tracks!"
Adam Beyer "Support!"
Par Grindvik "Feeling Peppercorn! Huge! Thanks"
Mistress Barbara "Really like this release. Will be playing both, but Grind It Out is the top one for me"
Joseph Capriati "Solid ep! Really like "grind it out!"
Jesper Dahlback "Grind It Out has a nice eerie vibe. Perfect for scaring little kids on the dancefloor..."
Dubfire "Good one!"
Cari Lekebusch " OUTTARANGE!! :D"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Nice beats on this EP, will use for sure."
Nihad Tule "Top release from my homeboy! :) Play and support!"
Xpansul "Great stuff. Powerfull!!! Support from me!"
Karotte "grind it out is the one for me. Yes love it!"
Reset Robot "Great sounds. Really tight production!"
Pig and Dan "Proper Techno at its best"
Tom Hades "Grind It Out is the one for me ! Thanks !"
Flavio Diaz "I like grind it out! Both are massive!"
Stephan Bodzin "Good good techno!"


Jesper Dahlback - MOGGL - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX45]

Cari Lekebusch s H Productions imprint has been going into overdrive recently with a string of superb releases from the likes of Alexi Delano and Xpansul and label boss Lekebusch, now the label ties up with fellow Swedish techno hero Jesper Dahlback for a brand new single featuring three original tracks.

This new single kicks of with the epic Cvan, a tough and taut techno workout that rides a linear path of distorted bass hits, kick drums and phased percussion. Simply arranged but highly effective this is a journey into the underground sound of Stockholm and shows that Dahlback s production skills are as sharp as ever.

Next up we have Cripx, a deeper, brooding affair that travels into the realms of hypnotic twisted techno with muted dark sirens, edgy synth stabs and a rolling undercarriage of subtle keys, bass and percussion. This is a classic techno production from one of the scene s finest proponents.

Finally we have the digital exclusive cut Moggl providing another extended journey into the outer reaches of technological electronica. Shuffling hats and a solid kick drum rub against dark bass and staccato white noise to produce a mind melting slice of techno excellence to the fore, class stuff.

Vinyl and Digital out 23rd of August 2010

Find all about Jesper Dahlback here:

Video teaser/trailer:

Stryke "Very rarely do i give a full 5 star review...but this has got to be one of my fave records of the year. this ep is just perfect! "Cyan" will be charted #1 on my next chart!"
Joel Mull "Wow!! CRIPX is the hottest track of the moment!!! This will be my weapon of choice. MOGGL is so Funky. Great stuff from DAHLBACK - Lets go >>>"
Len Faki "Superb release from jesper! Love as most cvan and cripx"
Adam Beyer "Full support for Jesper the mad professor!"
Orde Meikle "Great producer - support and playing!"
Karotte "cvan & cripx are great. Perfect technotracks for me. Full support"
Reset Robot "Like the vibe on moggl! Great stuff"
Par Grindvik "Been playing all three of them for a while! Huge release! "cvan" is my favorite. Thanks!"
Tom Hades "Loving Moggl! Thanks !"
Luke Slater "cvan - an interesting twitch.thanks!"
Cari Lekebusch "OUT OF RANGE! +++ LOL"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Massive weird as fuckness - Ha! Love it!"
Dustin Zahn "Raw and slutty"
Steve Rachmad "Very cool EP! All 3 tracks are cool!"
Stephan Bodzin "This guy´s just mad... CVAN!!!!"
KIMONO "OMG! This is with out doubt the best release this year!! I will play all tracks not only this year out but the next as well !!"
Joseph Capriati "Great release! Cripx is my favourite,will play it for sure!"
Gregor Tresher "Cvan sounds big!"
Flavio Diaz "I like the self-expression of Jesper in these 3 trax full support!"
Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck "3 techno bombs!! Rock on jesper!!!"
Gary Beck "cvan is wicked thanks!"
Pig and Dan "Cripx is sick OK its all outstanding but thats the most playable track for me."
Mihalis Safras "Classic synth power on the cripx..will deff gonna ply that out! loving it!"
John Selway "Mental swinging and jacking, raw stuff."
Markantonio "Nice one! cvan is my fave hug"
Jesper Dahlback "Thanks for all the great feedback! *waves =D"


Cari Lekebusch - State Of The Art (Album) - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX44]

His prolific output has seen Lekebusch release a string of albums and mix compilations over the years, receiving critical acclaim for his work to date. His latest foray into the world of the long player sees this experienced artist pull out all the stops and deliver a stunning body of work that makes up "State of the Art". From the atmospherics of the opening title track its clear that this album is here to grab your attention. There is a depth of character in these recordings thats cemented by Lekebuschs flawless production skills, be it the stripped minimalism of "Abomination", the bass and synth driven intensity of "Saw Tooth" or the ethereal vocal led "Rising Star", they all deliver perfectly, providing snapshots into the sonic sound of this supreme producer.

Highlights are hard to pick on such a consistently good album, but the rolling old school techno of "Simplicity" is certainly worth noting for his heads down hypnotic quality that has one instantly hooked. Likewise the closing cut "Art of Technology" is worth a mention for its dark and spacious sound driven out of a marriage of sci-fi ambience and electro tinged percussive elements. However there really is not a bad track here, with each piece bring new elements to the fore and further displaying Lekebuschs studio mastery.

Vinyl, CD and Digital out 5th of July 2010

Special album release events in Second Life (02-12th July 2010)
Read more here

Follow Caris real life tourdates here

View the 2 EPs that are part of the Album here:
Cari Lekebusch - Macabre / Goth Night - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX41]
Cari Lekebusch - Bodysnatcher / Shivering - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX42]


Stuart McMillan "Will play loads of these tracks! Fave is State Of The Art"
Bart Skils "Timeless sounds from Cari! I love it, especially Wickeded!"
Adam Beyer "Full support for my boy Cari....allways and forever and ever!"
Joseph Capriati "Awe album, one of my favourite and respected artists ever, there isn't a my set without one of his track! Respect!"
Orde Meikle "Another great release - on a hot label - Support for sure"
Joel Mull "Aentligen!! Full support from Me!!! Hard to pick a favourite. So many good tracks on this one."
Monika Kruse "Well done Cari ! Full support !"
Marco Bailey "Great Mr Lekebush as always !;-)"
Michel De Hey "He saved his best for this excllent album, great grooves, great twists, two songs .. love it!"
Karotte "Saw Tooth is the one for me! The rest from the album is great too but not exactly what i like to play."
Mihalis Safras "Very nice tunes by Cari! Wird gespielt!


Cari Lekebusch - State Of The Art - Album release events in Second Life

H-PRODUCTIONS presents Friday 9th and Sunday 11th july 2010 10pmCET/1pmSLT

******* STATE OF THE ART *******
Official album release party in Second Life part 1 and 2 with Swedish H-Prod artists. At the occasion of Cari Lekebusch new album "State of the Art", two exceptional parties will take place in the virtual world of Second Life. This event will be the world premiere of H-Productions artists from real life Kimono and Jesper Dahlback. It will also be the occasion of the shooting of a video for H-Productions. So take your chance to step into the future and come discover the best of Swedish Techno inworld...

Friday 9th July 10pm CET/1pm SLT:


Sunday 11th July 10pm CET/1pm SLT:


Dresscode: Spooky, all white or all black
Info: Major video recording during events. Hosts, dancers and ghoulish presence.

Location: Second Life South Purden

The SIM will be opened the 2nd-12th July for you to discover the Hybrid Productions universe of State of the Art. There will also be contests, secrets and treasure hunts on this extraordinary sinister and beautyful Island built by Hern Worsley of AVZ. Welcome to the world of Hybrid Productions, and be part in the creation of several videos and visuals.

Contact: Morgan Kincess in SL or Facebook

View the 2 EPs that are part of the Album here:
Cari Lekebusch - Macabre / Goth Night - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX41]
Cari Lekebusch - Bodysnatcher / Shivering - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX42]

and the Album here:
Cari Lekebusch - State Of The Art - H-PRODUCTIONS [HPX44]


Alexi Delano & Xpansul - In A Hybrid World EP [HPX43]

The prolific and talented Alexi Delano teams up once again with familiar studio partner Xpansul for a brand new single on Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions label. The single kicks off with the title track "Linked" and immediately launches into the Techno / House fusion sound that defines this duo’s work. Deep, spacious and mesmerizing, the track uses simple tape delayed key stabs, understated drums and subtle ambient layers to create a superb rich groove that draws you in and keeps you locked til the final bar, pure class.

The second of this audio triumvirate comes in the shape of "The Runner", a relentless and rollin slice of techy excellence continues the hypnotic, deep vibe set down by the opening track. Uncomplicated and perfectly delivered this is another prime example of superbly restrained production leading to a record that is much more than the sum of its parts.

Finally we have "The H World", a dubby journey into exquisite bass driven techno that sees minimal layers woven into an aural soundscape that is sure to find its place on the afterhours dancefloors of the world. This single is nothing less than you would expect from this talented and experienced duo and is another highlight from the ever impressive H-Productions ...

Vinyl and Digital out 21th of June 2010

Cari Lekebusch "Bretheren and Sisteren this is untouchable deep pumping soulfilled Technocracy! Get on this right away por favor =D"
Joel Mull "Linked is Great!!! Proud of my mates. Full support - HYBRID Rocks!"
Tom Hades "Love the release! Thanks! Supporting! Fave is The H World"
Joseph Capriati "Great release, quality sound as always! Alexi & Santi on H-Prod.... BOMB!"
Mistress Barbara "Really liked Linked. Full support!"
KIMONO "This duo just makes it every time!! Love this EP & the darkness of The H World"
Flavio Diaz "Loving The Runner!! Many thanks"
2000 and One "Great Tunes! Fave is Linked"
Markantonio "Full support - huge release! Fave is The Runner"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Great release, cool vibes! Fave is Linked"
Pfirter "Very cool release, like all the 3 tracks! Fave is Linked"
Konrad Black "Slick as fuck! Fave is Linked"
Orde Meikle "Smooth grooves! - playing these! Fave is The Runner"
Stuart McMillan "I liked Linked alot!"
Karotte "The Runner is the one for me!"
John Digweed "Good stuff! Fave is The H World"

Cari Lekebusch - Bodysnatcher / Shivering - H-Productions [HPX42]

H-Production's has cultivated a reputation over the last two decades for consistently delivering cutting edge material across a diverse range of styles.

The titling for the second single taken from Cari Lekebusch's forthcoming album State Of The Art, continues in the horror tinged theme opening with the epic ‘Bodysnatcher’, a nine and a half minute odyssey into the outer realms of rolling, glitchy techno. Tight percussion and deep end bass set the tone for a fervent mix of resonant and modulated riffs and FX, exquisitely produced and deftly mixed this is another great example of Lekebusch at his best.

The flipside of this release brings us the excellent ‘Shivering’, a heady blend of oscillating bass and relentless synth lines over minimal drum patterns that has you hooked from the off. This is a big record that is bound to find favour with techno jocks and house Djs alike with it’s perfect balance of dark and light.

Vinyl and Digital out 30th of May 2010

Nihad Tule "I Love it! Cari on TOP!"
Tom Hades "Cari did it again. Really good release! Playing the Macabre all the time at the moment!! :)
Karotte "Shivering is the one for me."
Adam Beyer "Full support for Cari....allways!"
Joseph Capriati "Loving this one, thanks!"
John Digweed "Good stuff."
Len Faki "Unique and very subtil track - support!"
D-Nox "Shivering i like, nice ride! Bodysnatcher was boring at its first listen."
Orde Meikle "Nice and dark - cool release - playing!"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Niiiice! shivering wil be huge for me!"
Reset Robot "Shivering sounds nice. Great vibe! thanks!"
Flavio Diaz "I like Shivering a lot, works great!"
Heiko Laux "I like both trax. Will play!"
Marco Bailey "Cool - Full support everything from Cari!"
Luke Slater "Tripped out on bodysnatcher"
Jesper Dahlback "The body snatcher got me! Grooves and grooves and keeps on groovin!"
Pig and Dan "Dirty Bitch tunes! =)"
Monika Kruse "Both tracks are good.. but I go more for the deeper Shivering"
Konrad Black "Creepy favorite. Both tracks are bomb."
Stryke "Hell yes. Cari is in fine fine form! Both tracks rock hard. Love it! Can't wait for the full album!"
KIMONO "Shivering is the one for me - and will be played the whole summer!"
Mihalis Safras "Top notch! Will play!"
Markantonio "Will play Bodysnatcher"
Paco Osuna "Cool! Thanks."

Cari Lekebusch - Macabre / Goth Night - H-Productions [HPX41]

The brainchild of Techno stalwart Cari Lekebusch, H-Production's has cultivated a reputation over the last two decades for consistently delivering cutting edge material across a diverse range of styles.

This latest release see's Cari take the reigns with the first of two EP's which will preview his forthcoming State Of The Art album. A man of many aliases and many albums (this next long-player will be his 19th!).

Macabre is a full-force big room workout that combines the primal chest-thumping dynamism of a booming bassline and jack-hammer kick with more cerebral moments of melodic playfulness. Goth Night takes a deeper, more electronic path with its spaced out, unhurried structure, blissed-out chords and ethereal vocal setting the tone for one of those special 4am moments, co-produced by Krister Linder.

Vinyl & Digital out 10th of May 2010

Jesper Dahlback "Goth Night all night long, if you ask me! Great quality shit as always!"
Joey Beltram "Great EP. Really digging both cuts!"
Anton Pieete "AI! I go for Macabre - dark and groovy. Perfect combination!"
Karotte "Both tracks a great. Full support for my friend Cari :-)" *tx Peter u rock!* Cari
Monika Kruse "Yeah Techno with soul! I will play for sure!"
Flavio Diaz "I allways love Cari's works! Both tracks are supercool!"
Joseph Capriati "One of my favourite producer's ever rocked again as always - Bomb!"
Alan Fitzpatrick "Both tracks are huge for me, love Cari's sound and cant wait to work together!"
Tom Hades "Full support - loving the Macabre track a lot! =)"
Marc Romboy "Macabre is very cool, Cari knows how to make it dark and mystical, my support!"
Paul Hamill "I like both of these, but the melodic hook in Macabre is my fave :)"
John Digweed "Good stuff!!"
Orde Meikle "Allways supporting Cari" *tx bruv' (*Cari bows)
Gregor Tresher "Quality as allways, big fan of Cari´s work!"
D-Nox "100% support!!!"
Heiko Laux "Macabre for me cheers!"
Pig & Dan "LOVELY TECHNO!!!"

Cari Lekebusch - Live at Drift (Video)

Live video from a topnice wickeded night at Drift. With decent audio and image quality, and its quite long as well. Thank you so much and blessings to Ruw for posting this Video at Vimeo =D

Cari Lekebusch - live @ Drift

Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch - Hear The Wall (exclusive track)

10th Part II - various artists release - Out on Paco Osuna's Mindshake records - Including an extraordinary exclusive track made by Cari and Alexi. "Hear The Wall" - allready frantic support by Mauro Picotto and other topnice DJs =D

Cari Lekebusch - Merry Go Round - Harthouse [HHMA030-6]

EP/Single release by Cari on Harthouse, 3 tracks vinyl and 4 tracks digital out now. The vinyl has slightly shorter edits to fit 3 tracks. Allready suported by Alexi Delano, Joel Mull, Adam Beyer, Alex Flatner, Jola Bola and KIMONO =] (dig) (vinyl)

Abi Bah - Gain Over - H-Productions [HPX40] Cont Mix Album

Here it is! The colorful continuous DJ mix album by Abi Bah, derived from his EP releases on H-Productions. 60 minutes mixed by Abi himself for your aural pleasure. Have a peek at the promotion video, it is pure eye candy for all video game and pixel lovers. Listen to the mix below, as well as Abi's stream of other EPs on H-Productions.


Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

DJ Set - Schrauben Part 1 and 2

DJ Set chunked up in 2 parts, recorded in January 2010 by Cari Lekebusch. Containing some of the freshest best Techno tracks of December and January.

All tracks are to be found foremost @ Beatport. For full tracklist and artist direct Beatport links see below:

Cari Lekebusch Schrauben DJ mix Part 1 of 2
Part 1
Alexi Delano and Jesper Dahlback - Galactic Suite 1 - ISL
Ozgur Can - The Righteous
R-Play - Switch Dub mix
BCR Boys - Ode To Mila
Remote - Dior
Samuli Kemppi - Droning
DJ Hell - You Can Dance - Carl Craig Remix
Dany Rodriguez and DJ Pierre - Developed
Roland M. Dill - Low Go - Secret Cinema Remix
Bastards Of Funk and Sonic Union - Rabarber Erphun Remix
Almirena - Joey Beltram Remix
Francis White - Lady Odrien

Cari Lekebusch Schrauben DJ mix Part 2 of 2
Part 2
Delko - Sparkle
Gary Beck - Sholto - Reset Robot Remix
Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot - Silicon
Andrea di Rocco and Ivan di Blasio - Ready
Hans Bouffmyhre - Semedo
Tom Hades - Tiger
Xhin - Link
Terrence Fixmer - Machine dub
Christian Smith and Gabe - Fidelidade
Lance Blaise and Rod B - I Ate My Monkey
Tom Hades - Come On Boy
Remote - Fahkt
Valmay - Radiated Future

DJ Set - Techno Archeology Chapter 1 (pilot)

First series of excavasions into 90s Techno by Cari Lekebusch. This is the pilot of an upcoming DJ mix CD by Cari. Stay tuned =D

Crushed Insect - Put Me On Your Sandwich - H-Productions
DBX - Loosing Control - Carl Craig Remix - Peacefrog
Dave Clarke - Red 1 - Bush
Cari Lekebusch - Drumc And Noise Style - H-Productions
The Advent - House Seed
Joey Beltram - Gameform - Tresor
Neil Landstrum - Takks - Peacefrog
Fred - Do It From The Back - 4/4 Mix - Missile
Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live - Dave Clarke 212 Remix
The Advent - Armageden
Lenk - Negative - Blank LTD
DJ Skull - Frequency Response - Red Cat
Planetary Assault Systems - Atomic - Peacefrog
Cari Lekebusch - In Stockholm We Dwell - H-Productions
Ron Maney - Skulls Hotline - H-Productions
Cari Lekebusch - In Stockholm We Dwell - H-Productions

   Cari Lekebusch DJ Set Techno Archeology Chapter1 (pilot)  by  Cari Lekebusch

Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch - Getting Planted - Video

Smooth promotional video made by Svante Danielsson, for the H-Productions (HPX36) "Getting Planted" & "Lost Call" by Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch.

KIMONO - Vandals In Motion - H-Productions [HPX39]

New Swedish artist on H-Productions. 2 track single by KIMONO - "Vandals In Motion" and "Numbers". Released Feb 12, 2010.

Damon Wild "Nice ep as always from this high quality label. Like Numbers the most"
Stephan Bodzin "Full support for both tracks"
Cari Lekebusch "Trainwrecking good bigfloor release!"
Dr Hoffman "I never dissapoint in releases of H-Productions. Kimono's EP another great, quality stuff. Will play both tracks for sure"

DJ Set - Cari Lekebusch Live @ Club Reactor 2009 Part 1 of 2

Live recording from last year at Club Reactor (SL). Second part coming soon, watch it =D

Cari Lekebusch Live @ Club Reactor 2009 Part 1 of 2 by Cari Lekebusch

Cari Lekebusch - Techno Archeology Chapter 1 - Beatport Chart

Chart dealing with Techno history and excavasions. This is the first chapter in the series, and will also surface as a DJ Set very soon. Watch this space =D

Cari Lekebusch - Blood Lines - International Sound Laboratory [ISLR004]

Blood Lines, For Whom They Toll, Gone Mad - Out now on Jesper Dahlback's International Sound Laboratory [ISLR004]. Including a remix on "For Whom They Toll" by Joel Mull.

DIRECT link to

Cisco Ferreira "Cari doing this release some serious damage. 10/10 king back in his throne"
Funk DVoid "Hey fanastic, love the 909 patterns, Cari never sold the machines, neither have I! respect!"
Alan Fitzpatrik "Bloodlines is a total bomb and i love Joel's Mix. Full support"
Technasia "Great EP. Full support"
Adam Beyer "Full support......always!"
Len Faki "Gone mad makes the game to me, trippy dark soul track!"
Jori Hulkkonen "The sound of stockholm, cari delivers yet again! full support"
DJ Sneak "Ive been a fan of Cari since the Svek times, good tech house here"

- thank You my eminent bretheren // CL *bows =D

Carl Cox Black Rock Desert - Global Undergroud mix

Out Feb 01, 2010 Carl Cox Black Rock Desert Global Underground mix including a remix by Cari Lekebusch on Abi Bah's "Its A Hybrid". Previously on the H-Productions HPX31.

Cari Lekebusch - Robs Melody [H-Productions / HPX38]

Out jan 26, 2010 on H-Productions starting with Beatport exclusivety - a 3 track ep project by Cari. The title track Robs Melody, has a melody thanks to Robert Leiner. Followed by 2 extraordinary DJ tools, Out Of Bounce and Transporter.

Peter Karotte "I like Robs Melody. Good drivin Techno for the night"
Alexi Delano "Out of bounce is da shiiii*!! And Cari is the man!"
Dave Clarke "Robs Melody is the track for me"
Raveline Sven "Cari i love u :D Great bassful tracks with kickin beatz and shakin percs...i will play it for sure!"
Damon Wild "Nice as allways. Like Transporter. Will chart and play"
Matt Xavier "Transporter is nasty!!! Ninja tech"

Cari Lekebusch Special @ Teknology Radio France

Special radio show Jan 23 at Teknology in France feat Cari lekebusch =D

Cari Lekebusch - live @ Drumcode Awakenings (Youtube Video)

A little clip from the epic Drumcode Awakenings with good image quality and sound. Bigups to the light crew making awesome sync with the music! Can you diggit!?

Cari Lekebusch & Joel Mull @ Rohstofflager Zurich New Years eve

Much bless to all the guest at Rohstofflager Zurich New Years eve 2009/2010. We had a blast thanx to you - Peep some photos at my flickr - All the best for 2010 * pz / Cari

Abi Bah's trilogy release on H-Productions

All 3 EPs in Abi Bah's trilogy are released now on H-Productions (catno's HPX33, HPX35 & HPX37). Peep his fun loving, slightly crazed ventures in the Techno / Tech-House department.

And check out his other releases, especially one of my faves called Just Like You feat Abi's brother Makode. More Abi at and

Cari Lekebusch - Landing Strip - Split Release with Joel Mull

Exclusive release on Adam Beyer's Truesoul Records. The A side is made by my buddy Joel Mull =D And the AA side by me - Artist split release out on Vinyl and DIGI.

Cari Lekebusch - Spindizzy (Mote-Evolver) Released

I've made a guest release on Luke Slater's Mote Evolver =D Out on Vinyl and DIGI as you read, with a mega remix by Luke!

Release Series by Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch

Me and my childhood buddy Alexi go way back, so it was time for a mega tripple project. All 3 releases in this serie are out now on my own label H-Productions, Beatport & all major portals. Can you feel it?! =D (catno's HPX32, HPX34 & HPX36)

Cari Lekebusch - Agent and Management Info

Cari Lekebusch Techno Schrauben Beatport Chart Jan 2010

Cari Lekebusch Beatport Best Of 2009 Techno Chart

Cari Lekebusch Beatport Techno Chart Dec 2009

DJ Set - Cari Lekebusch Live Awakenings Drumcode Nov 2009

Cari Lekebusch Live Awakenings Drumcode Nov 2009 by CariLekebusch

DJ Set - BlindSpot Radio DJ Mixsession Dec 2009

BlindSpot Radio DJ Mixsession Dec 2009 by CariLekebusch

Alan Fitzpatrick - Unusual Afternoon - Drumcode
Information Ghetto - How To Build A Brain - Xpansul remix - Stolen Moments
Jesper Dahlback - Dash One - International Sound Laboratory (ISL)
Ed Rush & Nico - Defect - Housen's Remix -
Alan Fitzpatrick - Trendy Wendy - Drumcode
Reset Robot - NW1 -
Sasha Carassi - Polychromatic - Brian Sanhaji remix
Adam Beyer - Remainings III Remixes - Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback Dub Mix - Drumcode
Gene Le Fosse - Crazy
D. Carbone & Ascion - Tape Mode - 8 Sided Dice
Pfirter & Flug - Blacksmoke
Anderson Noise - Deputamadre - Young & Delia Remix - Sleaze Records
Markantonio - Debug
DANZCA - Joey Beltram Remix

Cari Lekebusch News January 2010

All through 2008 and 2009 Cari has been working around the clock with a total overhaul of all aspects of his music, artist profile and career. The first glimses can allready been heard and seen, and through 2010 more pieces will be presented extraordinary. At the moment Cari is working on some new music for Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver, Adam Beyer's Drumcode and a special remix for Mauro Picotto. Besides his latest tripple series of releases on his own label H-Productions toghether with childhood friend Alexi Delano, there have been luminated releases on his friends Adam Beyer's Truesoul Records and on Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver. Upcoming musical outputs for January, February and March 2010 are in the pipeline at Harthouse, International Sound Laboratory (ISL, Jesper Dahlback's new label), and on Cari's own H-Productions label. During Cari 2009 tour in countries like Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, USA, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Austria and Sweden he performed at reknown venues like Awakenings, Berghain, Rohstofflager, DC10, Fabric, Summerspirit and joined in on several Drumcode tourdates toghether with Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Alexi Delano, Tony Rohr, Par Grindvik, Nihad Tule, The Advent, Paul Ritch + many and much more. Upcoming dates for Feb and March are in Germany, Netherlands, UK and Sweden.