HPX98 - Petter B - Kicksokande Beteende (H-PRODUCTIONS)

H-PRODUCTIONS proudly presents (HPX98) Kicksokande Beteende, by Petter B

01. Slappt Slag
02. Sokt Kick
03. Missad raffla

Petter B returns with a nothing but extraordinary tripple track release on Hybrid and describes his production modus operandus best with the following words; "Better to drop the beat than to miss the groove in the search for a kick"

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Cari Lekebusch - DJ Charts February 2018

Cari Lekebusch DJ Charts February 2018

Cari Lekebusch - Gurgle (H-Productions)
Cari Lekebusch - Rakas (H-Productions)
Cari Lekebusch - Rockcarver (H-Productions)
Mamwadi - Soluppgang (Street Life Rhythm)
Mamwadi - Trespass (Street Life Rhythm)
Mamwadi - Synthetic (Street Life Rhythm)
Orion - Palop - Absence of Facts
TWR72 - Dusty White - Float Rec.
TWR72 - Vivid Lime - Float Rec.
FehlZundung - Never Aby (Mattias Fridell remix) - Technoforza
Steve Parker - Proton - PNP Recordings
Steve Parker - Thea (Damon Wild remix) - Android Musiq
Flug - Paranoid Life - Nachstrom Schallplatten
Flug - Ego Games - Suara
Fran Navarez - Dependence - Assassin Soldier Recordings
Tim Xavier - Acid Katze (Ambivalent remix) - Face To Face
Amotik - Chaubis - Amotik
Rene Wiser - Halt - Beardman
Rene Wiser - Locomotion - Beardman
Tim Xavier - Acid Katze (Ambivalent Remix) - Face To Face
STRISC. - Infekt - Flash Recordings
Flug - Mental Abduction - JAM
Magnus P. Eckhell - Subquantum Kinetics - Maskinmusik
Secluded - Eternal (TWR72 Remix) - Secluded
Dave Simon - Radium (Mark Broom remix) - Tauten
Lewis Fautzi - Internally - PoleGroup
Dold - Fatal Error - PoleGroup

Beatport Chart Feb 2018

Traxsource Chart Feb 2018

RA Chart Feb 2018

photo: @Morganistik


HPX97 - Cari Lekebusch - Corrosive EPS.1 (H-Productions)

Like a lot of peoples i went bonkers when i heard the TB-303 for the first time being abused properly. For me it was by Chris "The Glove" Taylor in "Reckless" back in 1984 when i was a small shrimp of 12 years breakdancing. Right then and there i just had to get one of these awe silver boxes! PERIOD!

There will be a series of special Acid machine releases this year on H-Productions. SInce its been 30 years counting from the summer of love in 1988 and its first climax of the TB-303 madness. Plus the fact that the first H-Productions vinyls back in the early 90s were offsprings of the TB-303 as well.

Be safe out there! - PZ / Cari*


H-Productions presents (HPX97) Corrosive EPS.1 by Cari Lekebusch

01. Gurgle
02. Rakas
03. Rockcarver

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Cari Lekebusch - DJ mix - Jan Feb 2018 (3 hours)

Cari Lekebusch / DJ set / Jan-Feb 2018 / 3 Hours 10 minutes


Benjamin Mull, Cari Lekebusch - Moln Live 4
Truncate - Focus (No Vox)
Cari Lekebusch - Rakas
Truncate - Modify V2
Gideon - Closing In
Kimono - Ice
Henning Baer - Burning Chrome
Jonas Kopp - Empty Planet
H4L - Wild Hunt
Mamwadi - Trespass
Flug - Mental Abduction
Mamwadi - Synthetic
Gideon - Search For Element 5
Orion - Palop
D-Unity - I Dont Think So
Cari Lekebusch - Gurgle
Benjamin Mull, Cari Lekebusch - Moln Live 3
Mark Broom - Z Beatz (Mix 2)
Fanon Flowers - Turgite
Petter B - Molgon
Rene Wise - M37
Mamwadi - Soluppgang
Mattias Fridell - Funktion Med Balans
H4L - Wild Hunt (Mark Broom remix)
Rene Wise - Halt
STRISC - Infekt
Tim Xavier - Acid Katze
Rene Wise - Locomotion
Helmut Kraft - Roundering
Laval - Purple Reed
Man With No Shadow - Hells Bells
Cari Lekebusch, Nima Khak - Drum Conductor
Helmut Kraft - Inner Timer
Thomas Hoffknecht - 229.3
Steve Parker - Rhea (Advanced Human remix)
Thomas Hoffknecht - 229.2
Singular Anomalies - Genetic Editing
Benson & Gragee Pikanen - Beyond
Mattias Fridell - Sluga Baktankar
Cari Lekebusch, Nima Khak - Lost Prophet
Steve Parker - Rhea (Mattias Fridell remix)
Benson & Gragee Pikanen - Session V
Amotik - Chaubis
Blicz - Mineral Effect (Flug remix)
Ellen Alien - Innocence (Truncate remix)
Shlomi Aber - Typeface
Dawid Dahl - Grenade Mantra
S.JR.S - Rec86
Billie Jo - Pulse
Fran Navaez - Damn Station
Kimono - Loose Yourself
Florian Meindl - Wild Sequence 2 (TWR72 remix)
Cari Lekebusch - Rockcarver
Judas - Anathema II
Giorgio Gigli - Moving Through Time (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
Mattias Fridell - Fel Klientel